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Hello. I am writing an essay on a person you admire most, and i chose my parents. I need a good quote about family, family love, or parents to end the essay. Anything having to do with those topics please reply! Thank you in advance.

Who is the one person you admire the most

Person you admire most: I admire my mother the most. She is definitely someone to look up to.

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celtic- being a Cappie (and traditionally ruled by saturn, the planet of trials and tribulation), it's no wonder the person you admire the most is one who had suffered through so much and perserveared for the benefit of "greater good." Strength- physical and mental, are one of capricorns specialties- and Honest Abe gave us a prime example of them both. And coincidentally, you were born on my daughters b-day. :)


JKR is perfect! She is in fact an inspiration to all. I am her biggest fan.. I don’t think anyone else will write about JK Rowling. It will be unique for you to write an essay about the person whom you admire most!! Gandhi and Martin Luther- everyone writes about them!

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Who is the old person you admire most

Who is the old person you admire most? - Quora

Who is the old person you admire most?

From Nicole Smith: "Person you admire most: Evan Murray

Person you admire most: It's really hard for me to pinpoint one person

I'd be taller." (laughs) Person you admire most