It is not grammatically correct to use the phrase "as apposed to".

F, fungal element; V, vessel element. : labelling for cellulose. : next to a vessel element, an intramural mass of fine matter (long, dark arrow) borders cell F1 and abuts below (long, light arrow) on a tiny element, delineated by opaque bands. Cell F2 is delimited by an opaque layer overlaid by many gold particles (thin, light arrows), except the portions containing a lucent layer (arrowhead). A similar layer occurs in cell F1 and at the tip of the adjacent microhyphal element (short, opaque arrow). A thin IE is included in opaque matter apposed to the vessel wall (curved arrow). : a mass of homogeneous matter, connected to a fungal cell by means of filamentous-like matter (arrow, inset), is separated from the vessel wall by a band of similar opacity (arrowheads). The area corresponding to the cell nucleus (curved arrow) is discernible but not clearly demarcated, whereas the plasma membrane nearby is distinct.

“Members (as apposed to contacts) search/listing on front end”—

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“Aggressive Speed Shape” as apposed to?

I have a NSTimer that I am stopping when my application resigns active, which I later restart when the application again becomes active. What I did not realise was that would fire when my application first started (pretty obvious really). So what is happening is my NSTimer is incorrectly starting (when the application first starts). My question is, is there a way to check for the application resuming from inactive as apposed to it first starting?

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Anteriorly, each cell extends a thin, sheet-like process that lies inside the nerve ring and the muscle arm layer and is closely apposed to the basement membrane of the pharynx ( and ). Each of these processes wraps around roughly one third of the circumference of the isthmus, touching its neighbor on each side (). The nerve ring is tilted at an angle with respect to the body axis, in a pattern that reflects the position of the dorsal and ventral GLR cells (). On the outside, the GLR cells are surrounded by the muscle arms that lie interior to the motor end plate layer of the nerve ring where muscles receive synaptic input from the nerve ring motor neurons (). The neurites of the nerve ring spread tightly over the basement membrane of the muscle arms, and completely encircle the isthmus of the pharynx. There is no direct connection of the GLR's to the pharyngeal basement membrane which lies between the GLR cells and the pharynx and there is no basement membrane separating the muscle arms from the GLR processes (). Arms from each of the 8 longitudinal rows of the head muscles run along specific GLR cells such that each GLRDL/R and GLRVL/R is associated with muscle arms from a single row and each GLRL and GLRR is associated with muscle arms from two rows (). There are gj's between GLR cells and muscle arms and GLR's and RME motor neurons (). However, GLR cells do not make gj's to each other and do not make or receive any chemical synapses to or from any cells.

Image legend: A pericyte (red) apposed to a capillary (green), from the study of Peppiatt, Howarth, Mobbs & Attwell (2006, Nature 443, 700)
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Excel->Contact List apposed to a LIST in general

If I prefer drinking tea from a red mug rather than a green mug then I might say "I drank tea from a red mug as opposed to a green one." However, if I was red/green colour blind I would have no preference so I'd say "I drank tea from a red mug as apposed to a green one." I've always thought that the use of apposed communicates a choice whereas the use of opposed not only communicates that choice but also shows it is the preferred one.

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Most active user apposed to Last logged on user

“Please provide feedback or report any issues with the game here. Search Back to EA Forum Index. Lag worse in Conquest as apposed to Rush. Battlefield Bad”

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as apposed to yesterday when I was a wreck

The IE-delimiting bands often appeared to be confluent with the outer fungal wall layer (Fig. 9a). In some cases, IEs’ bands seemed to encapsulate larger fungal elements (Fig. 9b, c; see also Fig. 6b), as indicated by the chitin-labelled content of IEs that were continuous with the fungal cell walls (Fig. 9b). Similarly, the IE-limiting band appeared to coalesce or to be continuous with material (analogous to coating) apposed to vessel walls of the same or adjoining vessel element (Fig. 9a, c). IEs’ bands also merged with fungal cell walls, making them appear as if they were double-layered at some locations (Fig. 9d, e). Typical fungal cells and IEs were also connected to one another by means of crowded arrays of fine filamentous-like structures, often grouped in large masses (Fig. 10a, b).