As I mentioned earlier, I’ve been asked by the..

As I mentioned earlier, our horses ate a lot. So much, in fact, that after a few years I started referring to them as "the pigs." They consumed hay, mostly, which comes in bale form and weighs anywhere from 50-100 lbs per bale. This means we constantly had to replenish our supply, which involved driving to a farm somewhere and loading it up into a truck, then returning home and unloading it. We'd usually do this in the summertime when hay was plentiful and it was miserably hot. I was allergic to hay so I had to wear a respirator in order to breathe and I couldn't allow any part of my skin to be exposed to it - so I had to wear long sleeve shirts, pants, and thick gloves. Furthermore, I was a video-game-playing fat kid with tiny noodle arms that could barely lift my sega genesis controller, so over-dressing in scorching temperatures and lifting heavy bales of hay which caused my skin to break out in blisters and my eyes and lungs to burn for hours on end wasn't exactly my idea of a good time.

As I mentioned earlier about these body builders

As I mentioned earlier, today is the 101st anniversary of the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire

Elliott,Gavin & Jonah - Gay - As I mentioned earlier this week,

As I mentioned earlier, my wife has completely given herself to her bf. We are both loving it, it is the first time we have done it for real. We have played with it in the past but never seriously. I like her pussy with a little hair on it. Her BF knows that so he told her to shave it to prove her dedication to him. The also told her that she could have sex with me 1 time this weekend but she had to write his name on it so I would remember who it belonged to. It was the first time I have touched it in a week. So Hot!

As I mentioned earlier this did not affect the fishing adversely

"As I previously mentioned" is better, but a second problem is "previously." It's an ugly, writerly adverb. You would never talk like that, would you? You'd probably say something like "as I mentioned earlier" or "as I mentioned before."

As I mentioned earlier this did not affect the fishing adversely. I'll just let a few more photos speak for me.
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I think Boozer means: As I mentioned earlier,

Dear Judy,Thank you so much for my wonderful weekend stay at your marvelous Back in Thyme. You have one of the best B and B’s that I have ever experienced. And as I mentioned earlier, your sign upstairs really is true: “Arrive as strangers, leave as friends”. My stay at your house made my entire reunion in Spring Hill a grand experience. I thank you for many treats: the tasty and beautiful breakfast, the lovely room with a very comfortable bed, the fabulous house and especially the sun room with the big windows, your thoughtful company, and drinking good red wine on your veranda, while the lightning bugs sparkled the night. Your Back in Thyme is the reason that my trip to Kansas was so memorable.

i have, as i mentioned earlier, rug burn on the back of my neck. this is, approximately, the reason why.

As I mentioned earlier, aerial combat is not THAT big of a deal

So Toby charged. Now, as I mentioned earlier these horse pens were thick with feces, so it was difficult to run. Luckily I was in the part of the pen where the mud wasn't deep, so I could at least manage a fumbling jog. By the time I reached the fence Toby was nearly on me. I tried to climb through but in my panic I touched one of the tension coils on the fence that kept the wire taught along the property line. Furthermore, I also touched the ground underneath the tension coil. This fence was electric and set at a voltage that could knock down an elephant, so when I grounded myself I got blasted with a shock that rendered me temporarily stunned. Fortunately I was jolted forward into the electric fence rather than backwards into the horse boner that was surging forward at 100 miles per hour. After a few more 20,000 volt shocks I managed to stumble into the opposing pen, half electrocuted but thankfully still a virgin to trans-species sex.

As I mentioned earlier, my perspective is somewhat limited. So I asked freelancer  for additional insight:

As I mentioned earlier, I cannot speak about the details of NX today

What was your experience like with VAF?I had the best experience with VAF. This was my first official volunteer experience service and I have not wanted to try another non profit as I have been completely satisfied with VAF. As I mentioned earlier Eric found me a placement within my field of expertise, even though it was not a program they had currently had before. He suggested that I bring some dental products to try an outreach program as well.