i really need other ways to say: 'as I mentioned before'!!

As mentioned before, Victory Auto Wreckers' is finally retiring after 30 years of classic television existence. The salvage yard to come up with a new commercial and whittled the voluminous amount of entries down to eight, which you, the Chicago local television commercial watching audience, . So which ad deserves to take a seat on the Victory Auto Wreckers throne and be on the air for another 30 years? Let's take a closer look at some of the candidates.

“As I mentioned before” or “As I’ve mentioned before”

☆ As mentioned above可用as the above mentioned 或as mentioned before 取代。

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As mentioned before, unless you want to detect novel transcripts or transcripts with extremely low expression values, you wouldn't need to worry too much about the read length.

AIMB abbreviation stands for As I Mentioned Before

As mentioned before, is mainly used for words imported from foreign languages. It can also be used to emphasize certain words similar to the function of . For a more complete list of usages, refer to the .

Both correct, but they have different purposes. "As I mentioned before" indicates that you are referring to a specific time when you mentioned something before -- likely the only time you mentioned that thing before. "As I've mentioned before" implies that you have mentioned this thing various times in the past.Glad you visited this page with a sentence for mentioned. Perhaps also see a and ways to . Now that you’ve seen how to use mentioned in a sentence hope you might explore the rest of this educational reference site to see many other example sentences which provide word usage information.People looking for: "examples of sentences in as i mentioned before", "i need a sentence for mentioned", "sentence for mentioned", "sentence on mentioned", "using mentioned", visited this page.Ben's got it right. 'As I mentioned before' refers to some specific time, likely one the listener can recall from the recent past (probably during the speaker's speech). 'As I've mentioned before' likely refers to something that may have been said quite some time in the past. Just a rule of thumb.As mentioned before, prone bone is tied for first place for my all-time favorite sex position. Feel so fucking good feeling the backs of her thighs rub the insides of mine. To grind up against her ass. To be able to look down and see her asshole. So fucking hot.
As mentioned before, this is a none-profit project, therefore all software found on this website is freeware.

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One of the key issues that has arisen throughout this project is regarding the nature of the collected documents. As mentioned before, many of them were once part of a personal collection comprised of not only published newsletters but of Minutes of Meetings and personal correspondence - the potential copyright and privacy issues are evident. In addition, the majority of information we are currently dealing with has a focus on English Canada because of the sources. Although we have come across a few references that mention contemporaneous events in Quebec, such as the establishment of the Centre d'Analyse de Textes par Ordinateur (Centre d’ATO) at the Université du Québec à Montréal, a holistic picture of the emergence of Humanities Computing in Canada will take collaboration with other archives.

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As mentioned before, Concordant Mod aims to return to the first Dawn of War mostly, with a longer technical progress; and it of course raises the importance of each level, with longer battles and more time spending for every Tier. According to this, Mod increases the number of useful units, possibilities and tactics for every Tier... So there will be more battles (on small maps for example) without using high levels T-3 and T-4, because they are not necessary to win. High levels in Concordant Mod are mainly intended for long fights and big maps with more elite troops and ‘heavy tanks’.

As mentioned before, our asteroid is in the shape of a sphere and has a mass of 1000 kilograms

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The Legacy virus that killed Kwannon, as mentioned before, heightened her unwanted abilities to such a degree that she was able to cut through the cloud of her jumbled memories and discover the truth about herself. She projected this truth into Matsu'o's mind as a sort of fairwell before Matsu'o killed her. This also left Matsu'o with some of Kwannon's telepathic abilities. Before she died, Kwannon asked Matsu'o to take back all of the memories that were Kwannon's from Psylocke, so Psylocke can finally have inner peace. Matsu'o completes his task and attempts to deal with his inner turmoil with the help of Psylocke.