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Several studies reported findings that associate CPR characteristics with data accuracy. As mentioned previously, three studies suggested that improvement of the scope of the CPR to include other clinics, departments, and even hospitals may improve the completeness of data capture. Two studies present conflicting data about whether direct clinician entry improves data accuracy. Wagner and Hogan found no effect on accuracy, but their study lacked the statistical power to detect a small difference. Kuhn et al. found an improvement in data accuracy with direct physician entry over physician dictation of free text reports, but the results were confounded by the checklist effect and the use of a historical control.

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As mentioned previously, this tower crane is doing something dangerous

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As mentioned previously, a stand-alone CA is not capable of publishing certificates in Active Directory. However, SMTP replication requires the use of domain controller certificates published in Active Directory. For certificates that are enrolled asynchronously through an offline process, you must manually publish these certificates in Active Directory.

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As mentioned previously, the Receiving Institution can report either item (first or second presentment/return) as PAID as long as the item being reported was received in a cash/return letter from a FRB. The other item may or may not have been processed through a FRB.

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As I mentioned previously in another post, I don’t know very much about Fire Emblem. Only played a few games, beat one, yada yada. That said, I do know that Ike is a really cool character. So cool, in fact, that they decided to bring him back for a second time in the follow up to Path of Radiance, Radiant Dawn for the Wii. In this game, though, Ike is fitted with some cool new duds. His old outfit may have been cool with the tattered old cape and what not but his new armor in this game just makes look more threatening. Like a guy who can wield a two-handed blade with just one hand should look like.Firefox for iOS has a pretty rich feature set: private browsing mode; Firefox Sync; an intelligent "omnibar" address box; and a few neat UI tweaks. As mentioned previously, the underlying layout engine is WebKit, rather than Firefox's usual Gecko.As mentioned previously, the first type of trigonometric function,which relates an angle to a side ratio, always satisfies thefollowing equation:Since given any angle , there are threeways of choosing the numerator (a), and three ways of choosing thedenominator (b), we can create the following nine trigonometric functions:But as mentioned previously, every time something like this happens it gets me thinking of all the times I have gone outside while it’s dark with a hoodie on. I have never experienced someone so much as flinching while walking past me, I don’t fit the profile of someone they fear especially not when I start talking. It does beg the question, at what point does my accent assure you of your safety around me? I could very well decide to hit you over the head with my very metal crutches when you’re not looking – no running involved there at all.

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As mentioned previously, Anubis began in the position that Osiris would later command. In the earliest period of Egyptian religion Anubis was clearly the lord of the dead and Osiris the embalmed god while Anubis performed the act of embalming. Titles that were invested unto Osiris -- such as Khenty-Imentiu or "Foremost of Westerners" -- were originally Anubis's. As the drama of Osiris's death and vindication unfolded over the centuries, Anubis assumed the role of the guide who holds steady the scales on which their hearts are measured against the feather of ma'at as "He Who Counts the Hearts". Should the heart be light as the feather, the soul would then be lead by Anubis (or, in some cases, Harseisis) to be presented to Osiris. Should the heart be heavy, it is fed to and the soul destroyed.

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If there are sufficient instances (say, near ~80% as mentioned previously), then add improvements that address the shortcoming (avoid the temptation to add more improvements unless a need is demonstrated for such a broader improvement), and iterate as necessary.

As mentioned previously, Anubis began in the position that Osiris would later command.

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As mentioned previously on GP, Vox had a ‘kitchen sink’ approach to the Ultrasonic when in production, throwing in an onboard tuner, a palm Wah-Wah, onboard Distortion and the Repeater (a Tremelo/Echo hybrid) to the mix. You can hear sample clips of these effects in action .