2) As you correctly mentioned --- more natural to say

[13:35:00] And as you mentioned, the backdrop of this is that Graham has been aggressive about going after Trump. He made it personal as well, calling him a "jackass" on CNN last night. But Trump did this in Lindsey Graham's home state of South Carolina and it's gotten incredibly, incredibly personal as you mentioned. The reason that it got even more so is because Graham is close with John McCain. The two describe one another as almost like brothers.

As you mentioned in your email,....

As You Mentioned, It Is Imperative That One ..

they are the same, it does not matter which one you say. I usually use "as you mentioned EARLIER..." so i usually use it with past tenses. I use "as you said" in the present tense (example: as you just said, that will lead us to the same conclusion)

Well, as long as you mention the fairer sex on Ducatis… | NPR Ducati

Mentioned is used with things like e-mails, speeches, etc...(as you mentioned in your e-mail/speech) and Mentioned is more formal and professional

TQC as you mentioned is cool. It summarizes the points mentioned in this article.
I've heard these two sentences a lot "as you said " and "as you mentioned".I'm a bit confused about them. I want to ask: what's the difference between these two sentences:Dr. Volodin: Sure. As opposed to solid organ transplant, when one sometimes look at blood group, for example, and donor has to match in the blood. With allogeneic transplants, donor has to achieve an HLA match. HLA is a group of genes that’s located on chromosome 6 that are responsible for how our immune system interacts with the rest of our body, how it sees other molecules and distinguishes self from non-self, for example, eliminating viruses from our body. So if we transplant from a donor that’s not HLA-matched, the transplant is very likely to fail. The first source where we go to, to find a donor are siblings of the patients because we inherit half of our genes from one parent and half from the other parent. There’s a one-in-four chance that any one of our siblings may be a donor and be HLA-matched. However, if there are no siblings, or siblings are not in adequate state of health to donate, then we would go to an unrelated donor. There is this, as you mentioned, the NMDP or data match program that attracts volunteers from U.S., North America, and also around the world and currently has more than 15 million people who volunteered to donate for unrelated people or patients who need this donation. If there are no siblings, we go to the database and compare the patient’s HLA type to those of the donors available in the database and hopefully find a donor that way.
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does require a lot of discipline and can get lonely as you mentioned

With a lot more work, and as you mentioned – strategizing, you’ll find the results will follow. Let me know if you need any other help along the way. Looking forward to hearing much more from you.

Hi my API key is not yet activated please fix this problem its showing status as waiting. I have done as you mentioned regarding :-

I have done as you mentioned regarding :-

I ended up with a nice big buffer in my checking account due to a promotion at my local bank. This is a regional bank, and they offer a pretty good interest rate (currently more than 1%) on your checking account (up to $25K) if you meet three requirements: have your paycheck auto-deposited, pay at least one bill online, and make at least 12 debit transactions per month with thier debit card. I am guessing they can offer this rate due to the money they earn on the debit transactions (which are usually way more than 12/mo).
This promo rate has stayed higher than the yearly CD rates, so it made sense to create a ‘buffer’ in my checking. The positives are the interest, and this account also reimburses up to three atm charges a month, and having the buffer so not having to worry about your balance all the time, as you mentioned. The negative though is that having easy access to this buffer makes it easy to spend that money. I haven’t kept real close track, but I probably have spent whatever extra interest I have earned (and maybe then some)…

Working from home does require a lot of discipline and can get lonely as you mentioned. Good thing to know your not the only one thinking that.

As you mentioned in your email, the..

1. As you mentioned, it is imperative that one maximize thepotential of each employee, especially if it promotes equalopportunity. The idea of seeking ways to expand services isexcellent. However, the existing dilemma is finding funding forcurrent programs. Perhaps, one can find ways to quantify theservices available and provided to Main Street Counseling Center(MSCC) clientele. It is evident that the clientele receiving theservices are diverse in nature, and that the need for services isgoing up. Thus, managers should pay especial attention to design aprogram that will be easy to tract its effectiveness as reported bythe clientele feedback. I believe that sometimes benefits fromservices are taken for granted and due credit is not given orrecorded for whatever reason. An increase benefit comes fromre-evaluating current processes and the willingness to modify themto reach the organizational goals.

2. You brought up an important element when dealing with counselingservices that is, evaluating the quality of their services. It isimportant to have a comprehensive team working with you, becausethat is the one-day to ensure that the treatment or servicesoffered are within regulatory standards and of high quality. Forthe last few years the medical/dental community has beenreinforcing an annotation in every patient encounter for barriersto learning, and patient understanding of treatment. Having adiverse group of colleagues/employees could potentially decrease ordeal with the language barrier.