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Estheticians help people look and feel great by providing services such as facials, massages, skin analysis and facial waxing. Before you consider becoming an esthetician, think about the pros and cons:

How to Become an Esthetician in 5 Steps

But, honestly think about becoming a esthetician n really do your research.

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Formal training and education to become an esthetician is completed through community colleges, cosmetology schools or technical institutes. Certificate programs usually take only one or two semesters to finish. The number of contact and classroom hours varies by program and is dependent on the state licensing requirements. A certificate program contains courses in various aspects of health and safety, as well as different types of services including body polishing, self-tanning and makeup application.

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Though qualifications vary by state, most estheticians must complete a certificate or degree program and training hours to qualify for a mandatory state licensing exam. The exam consists of two parts: skin care theory and practical application. Upon successful completion of the exam, students become licensed estheticians.

Why Become an Esthetician?
To become an esthetician, you generally need a degree or certificate in esthetics. Many esthetician programs are available at community and technical colleges and can prepare you to work in a salon or spa. Some programs concentrate on medical esthetics and can prepare you to work in a dermatologist's office or a plastic surgery center. You may need a current esthetician license in your state for entry to a medical esthetician program.Flexible Hours – Estheticians do not have to have a typical forty hour week. They can work either part or full time. Since spas and salons are open both day and night and on weekdays and weekends, estheticians can make their work schedule around their other obligations. Becoming an esthetician is a great career choice for parents because they have the ability to work based around the needs of their child.
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What knowledge and skills are required to become an esthetician?

Each state has its own requirements for the minimum hours of training you need to do to become licensed. If you are going to transfer your license to another state at any point in your life, find out about the transferring requirements and the individual licensing requirements in each state. The licensing department in your state can help with detailed inquiries about the skills you need to become an esthetician.

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In many states, cosmetology training programs are nine months for full time enrollment, although some states set more rigorous guidelines and programs may take closer to a year and a half. Esthetician training programs are shorter, typically about half as long as the cosmetologists program at the same institution. The curriculum in cosmetology training programs is comprehensive and includes courses that address all aspects of personal appearance – hair, skin, color and nails. Classes may include:The curriculum in an esthetician training program is more focused in the areas of skin treatments, although fundamentals in human biology are still required. Courses for someone in a program geared toward becoming an esthetician may include:Although each state will specify the curriculum requirements for individuals wanting to be licensed in the field of cosmetology or esthetics, each will establish its own curriculum. A certain number of discretionary hours is generally set by the state, and an educational program will decide what additional courses it feels will best enhance the core curriculum to turn students into skillful practitioners.
In most esthetician and general cosmetology training programs, half or more of the hours of education will be hands-on, using mannequins, classmates, or public clients in a campus-based salon or spa to practice on and learn from. Although theoretical knowledge is essential to understand sanitation standards, infection control technique, product selection and use, skin and hair analysis and color theory, the ultimate application of this education is the successful delivery of beauty enhancement services to a public clientele.

This is all good news for anybody thinking about becoming an esthetician

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A medical esthetician will always have a major purpose: help patients feel better. Anyway, if this seems to be quite an interesting job in your opinion, you need to know that to become medical esthetician is going to require a lot of time and training. If you want to obtain a medical esthetician license, you should be ready to attend courses and pass all examinations. In the United States, becoming a medical esthetician, will require at least 600 hours of training at a school which possesses the Bureau of Barbering and Cosmetology accreditation. Here, the examination will be a state administered one. You may find such requirements to vary from one state to another.