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While classroom instruction and school clubs are important, we recognize the unique benefits of traveling abroad. In fact, there is no better way for a student to build on their knowledge of a language than by using it in while immersed in the native culture. Studies show that high school is the best time to study abroad. Students who study abroad in high school have the opportunity to better understand world politics, to grasp pressing socioeconomic concepts, and to be informed and seasoned citizens of the world.

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My friends, God knew I loved history and gave me the experience of a lifetime when I lived in Japan. God inspired King David to write, “Delight yourself also in the Lord, and He shall give you the desires of your heart” (Psalm 37:4). God also inspired the same message through the Apostle John stating, “…whatever we ask we receive from Him, because we keep his commandments and do those things that are pleasing in His sight” (1 John 3:22). I encourage all of you to ask God in the name of Jesus Christ for a similar opportunity, so you can experience the benefits of traveling abroad (John 14:14)!

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Let’s discuss main benefits of traveling abroad by yourself, without any friends or acquaintances.

First of all, there are fewer distractions when you travel alone. Staying alone on campus or in some summer camp will make you focus the energy and attention on learning process, and will intensify your travel experience. You will get more chances and incentives to meet new people, visit more excursions and as a result get more benefits from your international trip.

Secondly, you can enjoy the full immersion. Do what you like to do. You do not have to adjust to your friends’ tastes. They do not like to take part in crazy parties or extreme kinds of sport, and sometimes you refused your own pleasure to do what you like because of them? Every group decision requires a time consuming negotiation and consultation and the outcome usually does not satisfy everybody. Now you can be free to do what you like: join literary club or go skydiving.

Thirdly, you can become more open to others. Besides, the more stimulus to open up, your solo status will encourage people around you to make first contact. When you travel in a group or with a jolly crowd, strangers will stay away from you. Strangers are more likely to talk to you or to invite you somewhere, when they see you being alone.

Moreover, benefits from going abroad alone can be calculated. It sounds strange, but I will try to explain what it means. It is easier to find a free place in the study room as well as in the restaurant, a seat in the theater and fit in any last-minute booking. You can be moved to the front of the queue when a single place will appear and a group of people cannot get such benefits. It may turn out, that solo traveling is cheaper and faster, and this is usually very important for students.

Many people have experienced the friendship break up due to the tension of traveling together. So do not get upset, if it turns out that you have to go abroad for an extended period of time without your friends. Enjoy your international experience and than share your impressions with your friends and family!

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Throughout my three-month long journey of promoting the AU European Graduation Trip around campus, I’m constantly surprised by the number of students who have never traveled outside of the United States. For some, it is their financial situation; others haven’t found the time. Most have not been encouraged to see the benefits of traveling abroad. Chances are when you get a job right out of college, taking 2-3 weeks off to travel Europe with your closest friends will be next to impossible. That’s why I’m here—to motivate you all to travel abroad before you enter the real world.

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So as quality healthcare becomes a global commodity -- and as patients and companies contemplate the benefits of traveling abroad for the most cost-effective care -- what can healthcare providers do to ensure that their patients are engaged and will return for service in the future? They can promote deep emotional bonds with their customers. This will make patients want to return for care -- and encourage their friends and family to do so too.

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One student who already had this opportunity is Lauren Tibbs, a red-shirt junior center on the women’s basketball team who traveled to Europe last summer, playing four games throughout France and Italy over a 10-day span. Tibbs is also one of the ADPR 4953 students working on the fund and has had a first-hand experience to the benefits of traveling abroad