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Since my association within this industry for the past 25 years, I have an excellent knowledge of technical knowhow and able to manage a diverse range of people in getting the project completed to a high professional standard. I have been involved in numerous prestige projects around Australia, Southeast Asia and the Middle East. i.e.: (Burj Khalifa Tower, ADIC Towers and Cleveland Clinic Project in Abu Dhabi) I am looking to broaden my professional experience within the industry by seeking permanent employment within a stable organization or finding new projects to be involved with. The dedication to my job has meant that I provide work of a high and professional standard. I am certain my knowledge and experience can benefit your company. Should you consider my line of experience as an asset to your firm, please do not hesitate to contact me at your convenience.

Looking to broaden my professional experience Nicholas Imbrogno

Nanny | To broaden my experience and use my knowledge.

Looking to Broaden my professional experience Nicholas Imbrogno

Susie Masters, RYT
I have been practicing yoga since entering a kids yoga class in my native country of Scotland. I joined my mother and sister as a certified yoga instructor and am also a R.Y.T (registered yoga teacher). When returning to Scotland, I take part in yoga workshops at the yoga centers of Glasgow and Edinburgh. I come with an Iyengar background as well as studying in more recent years vinyasa and viniyoga. I enjoy the vast subject of yoga and spend much spare time at various yoga workshops to broaden my experience. I enjoy teaching a variety of classes while adapting the class to the individual. I am also available for individual, group private classes, and therapeutics at our location or yours.

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Rozita: I was seeking to develop and broaden my experience which this MBA programme helped me to achieve. I acquired a range of skills necessary for general management and gained a broader outlook. I learned how to ‘think outside the box’ in order to develop a greater appreciation of how markets, companies and systems interact with each other.

EMILY: All the great people it has brought into my life, and the opportuinity to travel and broaden my life experiences. ..
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Hormel Foods gives me the tools and training to do my job as effectively as possible. I've had the opportunity to participate in more training the last five years than people at other companies get in their entire career! Through the Career Management system, I can go after positions that will broaden my experience, and challenge me to grow.

As a broadcast journalist I am keen to broaden my television experience into programme making

broadened my experience with photography and using photoshop.

fulfill my personal ambitions and expand my knowledge. sales positions.—Guest Neha ChaurasiaAutomotive Service AdvisorTo obtain a position that will facilitate my career utilizing my personal skills all while broadening my experience in the automotive industry. Enjoying working with people of all ages and cultures. I'm always on time for work and I'm also a team player.—Guest I AM DYNASTYObjectiveTo obtain a position in a stable work enviroment with growth potential.—Guest Zulfiqar Magsi IBIAnPatient AmbassadorLooking to improve and expands knowledge and skills and to establish an employment in a friendly environment..—maro86manFor Graphic DesignersI am a creative and highly motivated graphic designer seeking a position that will utilize my experience and skills as well as offer me the opportunity for advancement.—Guest Fay ClaussenGeneral ObjectiveSeeking a good opportunity in a good company that enables me to improve my skills. increase my practical experience.—Guest MoheiAnimation IndustryLooking for a challenging career to utilize my skills and abilities in the Animation Industry that offers Professional Growth while being innovative. resourceful and flexible and where I can prove myself as an aspiring asset for the industry . Enjoy working with all ages and cultures.—Guest Fay ClaussenPatient AmbassadorLooking to improve and expand my knowledge and skills and to establish an employment in a friendly environment. and merchandising math.—Guest Alex DarbySoftware Development ObjectiveI am interested in software development.—Guest MichaelInformation TechnologyTo obtain a position where I can optimize my skills in the IT industry and gain a high level of hands-on experience. Never late for work and I'm a team player above all. window displays. Presently I am a fresher so I need a platform that showcases innovative performance.—Guest sudhaRetail ObjectiveTo use my strong fashion knowledge and positive communication skills in a retail sales position. Offering vocational skills in cashiering.

2009 to broaden my experience and diversify my writing portfolio

am interested in broadening my experience and adding to my portfolio

The two weeks I have spent shadowing my local GP has developed my insight into the profession and range of patient conditions. It was apparent that a doctor deals with more than ailments and cures, a personal dimension of empathy and compassion is a foundation of good medical practice. It has been an absorbing experience and has compounded my interest in the field. I was present whilst the doctor performed minor operations, routine medical checks and consultations across the age range, from infants to the elderly. The natural diversity of a doctor's client base has encouraged me to broaden my experience. I therefore help the physically disabled students in the Enhanced Resource Base at my school and will also be starting as a volunteer at a local Nursing Home. This will afford me with vital communication skills and give me experience in patient care. I have arranged for a HOSPEX course later in the year which will involve theatre, out-patient clinics and ward work, with an opportunity to liaise with junior doctors and medical students. I have also applied to become a hospital porter so that I may get a feel of the hospital environment and an appreciation of the day to day running of different wards and departments.