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1. Descriptive Geometry Language. Early CAD/CAE language, used light pen. "Interactive Graphic Consoles - Environment and Software", R.L. Beckermeyer, Proc FJCC 37 (1970).

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Speaking a language is a skill that needs practice. For this reason, CAE language teachers provide many opportunities in class for you to practise speaking, so you can build fluency and confidence.

Cambridge CAE language exam sample tests [960.18 MiB]

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He holds the CAE language certificate awarded by the University of Cambridge

Grudzień 2001 CAE language certificate (ref

[7] Kachel S., application of the grIP cad/cam/cae language for the reverse engineering

Early CAD/CAE language, used light pen

Kachel S., 2008, Application of the GRIP CAD/CAM/CAE Language for the Reverse Engineering