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The goal of the Role Construct Repertory Test (or simply Role Repertory Test, RRT) is to understand how an individual views (that is, construes) his or her world, especially those people known to the person with whom he or she plays different roles. The RRT is often referred to as an 'idiographic' measurement procedure because it permits the individual to freely describe self and others using his or her own language. Described briefly, the individual completing the RRT is first asked to provide the names of different people he/she knows personally. The individual is then asked to compare and contrast people from the list in groups of three. For instance, the individual might be asked to consider, 'Mom', 'Dad', and 'Self' and describe how two of the three people are similar to each other and distinct from the third. The response is provided in bipolar form; e.g., happy / sad, ignorant / wise, troubled / stable. The compared people are referred to as 'elements' and the bipolar responses are referred to as 'personal constructs.' The personal constructs essentially comprise the 'personal theory' the individual uses to make sense of his or her world.

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 Cross-cultural research  Research designed to compare and contrast people of different cultures.

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With travel comes the continuous exposure to diverse cultures. Your child can compare and contrast people’s daily lives and customs in diverse parts of the world. As a youngster, my son actually was eager to find similarities between the new places and his home town so he kept insisting to check out McDonald’s, Starbucks, Subway, and other American fast food giants wherever we went. He soon discovered was that these fast food chains offer different menus than in the United States, according to local demand. Hence by visiting seemingly ‘unlikely touristy places’ he still got to be introduced to the differences.

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Ex 2: Facebook - Zuck hypothesized, executed on, and validated the of Facebook in under 12 hours 2003. It was called and it was essentially "Hot or Not" for Harvard dorms on campus. Like it or not, this functionality was the core of Facebook for the first few years of the (facebook) website. Sure, other things became really important over time: the wall, the activity feed, photos, check-ins, etc, but the core hypothesis was that people will use a website that let's you compare and contrast people within your real-world social network.

Let’s get started!It’s time to dust off your powers of creativity and have some fun comparing and contrasting influential people.
Learn to compare and contrast people and situations and use what as the subject of the sentence rather than as a question.

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My current research projects use the Attitudes to Age module in the European Social Survey (ESS) to investigate, compare and contrast people's attitudes to younger and older people across the European region. It also involves using the ESS data to research the psychological and societal bases of attitudes to age, to test psychological theories of prejudice in relation to ageism and explore further experiences of age discrimination and their impacts on well-being.

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How compare & contrast matrix graphic organizers | ehow, How to compare & contrast matrix graphic organizers. graphic organizers help put ideas, concepts, relationships, results and goals into a visual structure.
. Compare contrast graphic organizer – catasauqua area, Compare/contrast . when you compare and contrast people, places, objects, or ideas, you are looking for how they are alike and how they are different..
Compare contrast map – free graphic organizer, Compare and contrast map is a great interactive graphic organizer. it is offered for free from read write think to whom i channel my deep gratitude for their.

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