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I am needing a grant or two to be able to continue my education for this next fall semester anything would be a blessing to me because my financial state is not the best. please and thank you so much !!!!!!!

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Hello I am looking for college grants of any to help me acheive my RN degree. I only have 15-18 months left to finish this degree and will be attending hopefully in Feb. I have a medical assistant degree, but I want to continue my education as a registered nurse to practice more skills to help the ill. Thank you to any that can help! Please respond, no scammers please!

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I am looking for a grant to go back to collge and finished up on my Master like a few hours in finishing, I have a balance from the school that I was attending, I want to go back and finish their. I need help with a Grant no loans but a grant can you help me with this. Thanks in advance.
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Many students, at some point in their undergraduate (or even graduate) career, will ask themselves the question: “Should I continue my education after graduation?” There are some key issues that you should consider in order to help you reach the best conclusion for you.Hi everyone! My name is Megan and this is my first semester in NYU’s International Education Master’s program. I recently relocated to New York from Austin, Texas, after three years of working for a study abroad provider. I’m originally from the beautiful city of Cleveland, Ohio and am proud of it! I received my Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Spanish from Baldwin-Wallace College and had the privilege of studying abroad in Spain twice during my undergraduate career. I am absolutely thrilled to continue my education at New York University as I have always dreamt of studying, working or living in NYC.
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The Karen people are historically from Burma, and I identify myself as Karen. But I was actually born in a refugee camp in Thailand due to the political conflict between my people and the Burmese government. My family and I have been in the U.S. for six years. We moved halfway across the globe because we believe that God has a plan for us. My family always encouraged me to continue my education so that someday I might be leader of the Karen people. I came to CCA when I graduated from high school because I wanted to improve my education. My immediate goal is studying music before becoming a missionary so that I can help my people. The Karen are one of the biggest groups that lives in Burma. Even though we have large, imposing armies, we are not united because some of our leaders are Christian and some are Buddhist. This disagreement between religions has brought substantial damage to our community. Our people need someone who they can look up to, someone who can bring peace back to us. I truly hope that our religious disagreement will end someday. In short, I am attending college to get an excellent education. Perhaps my journey as a missionary helping the people of Thailand and Burma will be just one of life’s steps that will put me on the path to achieve my family’s dreams for me, as well as a stepping stone towards my own visions of the future.

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“I finished my degree in two years (four semesters) and with the support and encouragement from my professors I have decided to continue my education at Wilmington College where I will earn my Bachelor’s Degree to become an Intervention Specialist. For me, the transfer process has been easy. My credits transferred and I was awarded a $12,000 scholarship just for transferring from Southern State!

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For as long as I can remember, I’ve been driven by a love of learning and a desire for success. But for much of my life I made no effort to define that success. Success to me was whatever my teachers and society told me it was. It was a four-year university. It was a career. It was a house. It was 9 to 5. All through my life, I poured energy into whatever I was told I was good at, and very rarely anything that I just wanted to do. This internal pressure took its toll, and I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety as soon as I entered high school. I struggled with these things for many years and they still affect me, but I held the attitude that my mental health was no excuse. After coming home from an out-of-state university after only a few months, I was still desperate to continue my education but had no idea what I wanted to do. I came to CCA disheartened and confused, but with the realization that I didn’t have to know what I would be doing 10 years down the road. To this day, I keep an open mind, but I’ve decided that my love of learning and desire for challenge should play a role in my life. I’m now pursuing a career in teaching. I still worry sometimes, but I believe the support I receive from my wonderful family and from CCA can give me the world and then some.