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Knowing the royalties aren't going to a smug white guy artist in a Dewar's ad.

-Replacing all those art books on the coffee table which only mention a woman's name in the index (under 'Nudes') andi n the dedication to Mom.

-Reviving the dying gorilla-suit industry.

-Supporting a wonderful group of rabble-rousing artist-activists who prove that feminists (a) have a sense of humor after all, (b) like to dress up, and (c) are pretty cool gals all the way around.

The following is my dedication to Mom:

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While in NYC, I usually dine out every meal and have everything from great pizza to fine dining. This week we went to too many restaurants tolist, but here are two good ones to share with you. We dined withour good friend Joe Lewis and his girlfriend Skye at both of these. Hereyou will find tasty food and good atmosphere. Sunday was an emotional day for me. This was my third Mother's Daywithout here and probably the roughest (I thought it's supposed to get easier). I was doing pretty well until my cell phone rang as I walked through Grand Central. It was my sister and father saying they just received mybook and that they were so excited and proud of me. Then she said"The dedication to Mom was so special and how proud Mom must be". There was silence on both ends and I could hear her holding back the tears. My eyes got teary and my throat swelled and I just kept saying I know Momis, I know she is with us right now and always. And then I boardedthe train to Connecticut, so I could lay some flowers on her grave.

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Irene was more than a companions or caregiver to Mom. Her dedication to Mom’s comfort and well-being equaled or exceeded that which might be expected from a close relative. The care Irene provided Mom certainly was a lot more comprehensive and professional than the care any close relative might be able to provide in a similar situation. Irene added purpose to Mom’s life, which, to my way of thinking, probably extended Mom’s life by a little, allowing family members to spend precious time with Mom.

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This book is dedicated to my mom who has loved and taken care of me for all of my life she has taught me to love others and to always tell the truth. When I am troubled or worried she always listens to what I have to say. The most important thing she has taught me is to do my best and to try until I succeed.

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Beside Mothers Day poems, you can also use a quotation about motherhood in your homemade Mother's Day card. Mothers Day quotes are heandy especially if you only need a short sentiment that will help to deliver your message of dedication to mom in your card since Mothers Day poems are usually quite long and will need more space.

Dedication To Mom tattoo This is my second tattoo that i got in dedication to my mother

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