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If you want to alter the colors, that's fine, just remember that the last two digits are the alpha and the lower that is the less you can see the color. Defines are purely replacements, now if you ever want to use the number 1 in your script you can use TEAM_GROVE instead, this is not a good idea for normal calculations as it makes them harder to read, but for using to denote teams, which are only denoted by a number, it makes it a lot clearer what's going on (and makes it very easy to change the teams around or modify later as you need only change the 1 in the define rather than all the instances of it throughout the code. When the code is compiled, all the ""s will be replaced by 1, it is not like a variable, it is a constant, it doesn't change. Now under those lines add:

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Rather than - definition of rather than by The Free Dictionary

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AddGeometryColumn — Adds a geometry column to an existing table of attributes. By default uses type modifier to define rather than constraints. Pass in false for use_typmod to get old check constraint based behavior

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Both will serve same purpose...db file will be included in every page of website. So is there any benefit of using define rather then just declaring a variable.

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inclusive functional definition rather than the exclusive discriminatory definition ..

in a measure; to a certain extent; somewhat: rather good

So is there any benefit of using define rather then just declaring a variable.

More readily; preferably: I'd rather go to the movies

commanders can define rather precisely the minimum of troops needed if an arm' is to ..

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