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Your dental school personal statement is your chance to stand-out above the rest! Let iPrepdental’s experts help you prepare a strong, effective and memorable statement that will significantly increase your chances of getting into the dental school of your choice.

A strong, unique, well written dental school personal statement will help the admissions committee see that you are an ambitious and dedicated applicant qualified for the challenges of dental school and dentistry. An ordinary, unremarkable dental school personal statement may leave a negative impression that may hurt your chances of getting into dental school.

The dental school personal statement is your sole opportunity to talk about your reasons for choosing dentistry, your passion for dentistry, relevant experience in the field, your future personal and professional goals and lastly, what makes you suitable for the field. The biggest challenge in writing a personal statement is to convey your thoughts without sounding redundant, banal and unoriginal.

iPrepdental’s experienced editors will guide you from beginning to end in telling a unique, compelling and memorable story that will leave a long lasting impression and significantly increase your chances of getting into dental school.

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By now we are sure you have read several samples of dental school personal statements and are wondering if you can match the standard of writing required. Over half of all applicants to dental schools end up with no place at all; so it is vital that your is perfectly written. This is why we suggest that you use our professional writing service for your dental personal statements. Our professional school personal statement writers have been through this process and know exactly what needs to be written to help you maximize your chances of being the one selected.

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Opening your dental school personal statements with something like: “I have always wanted to be a dentist as both of my parents are dentists, I know that by coming to your school I will gain a firm understanding of the subject and will be able to..” is undesirable. A statement like this tells the reader absolutely nothing about you and is quite frankly boring; they know you will learn from their course so you are stating the obvious.

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Below are some of the Duke Pre-Dental Society’s favorite resources for perfecting a dental school personal statement. Feel free to browse through the wealth of information found in the links below.Don O. over at did an excellent job writing strategy guides for a dental personal statement. I recommend his article “” prior to starting to write a draft of your statement. You can check out the rest of his dental school personal statement posts . I used his post to better understand what the personal statement means to dental schools and what to focus on in writing a well developed paper.
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Make sure you are happy and confident with your dental school personal statement you've written, and that it accurately reflects who you are and how your experiences support your pursuit in becoming an awesome dentist.

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So how do you write dental school personal statements that will make you stand out and be memorable when it comes time for them to make their selections?

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Becoming a dentist is a very noble career choice. You are making a commitment to serve others with your knowledge of health care and provide this service to others in need and to educate them on their specific health needs. One of the first steps to becoming a dentist is applying to . Applying to any professional problem can be stressful enough with all the exams involved, but one of the most important elements will be your dental school personal statement. This essay is an explanation as to why you feel you would make a good candidate for dental school. You must use your motivational skills, background knowledge, and individual personal traits to state your claim to being accepted. When it comes to writing a for dental school, it is necessary to have some key factors in mind. First, you should explain why you want to pursue the dental profession, why you feel you would be an asset to the profession, and what makes you the best candidate for the dental profession. A good personal statement for dental school will cover your academic work, your community involvement and you clinical background. If you can rely all these areas equally, then you should be well on your way to a dental education.