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Many people admit they cannot survive one day without gadgets such as phones, laptops and computers, tablets, and more. We are very dependent on technology. We even rely on those gadgets just to entertain us on occasions. Besides all that, technology is ruining the future generations and will spoil the generations after that.

1. Have people become too dependent on technolgy?

Are college students completely dependent on technology?

Are we too dependent on technology? 9NEWS at 4 p.m. 07/08/15.

"The air disaster highlights serious public concern of whether pilots are overly dependent on technology and are not retaining the skills required to properly fly complex commercial aircraft," said Mr Oakley, coroner for eastern North Yorkshire.

Are we too dependent on technology? 9NEWS at 4 p.m. 07/08/15.

Overdependence on technology can be an important unintended adverse consequence of the automation of patient care with CPOE systems. Awareness of this issue is vital if organizations are to prepare for and effectively deal with system downtime, assure data accuracy, and help clinicians understand that these tools are designed to support clinical judgment rather than replace it. Finally, organizations should develop methods for measuring the overall efficiency of these systems and quantifiable strategies for system improvement.

- We have become too dependent on technology: 31.1%
I’ve had this nagging feeling for some time – that we are evolving into a techno-dependent species. The more we rely on our devices, the more vulnerable we become to their limitations. Will we someday, find ourselves complete captives to these devices? Anyone watched the movie “Surrogates”? It seems far fetched that our civilization could become so dependent upon technology, but who knows. And if these “systems” are destroyed or severely damaged, the human population could see a mass extinction. imho.We are not to dependent on technology because people use their technology and gadgets for lots of useful things such as keeping up with news, emailing people for connecting and working, and having a complete office with you every day. Also we technology can be anything. Cars and Planes are technology. Are we to dependent on cars and planes?Yes, we have become overly dependent on technology. While it obviously has it's uses and we certainly live better for it. The accessibility to information that technology brings and dependency one it means that people, especially the younger generations tend to be at a loss without it. When people forget their phone and do not have it on their person, they often feel the phantom vibrations of the phone that is not there, much like a lost limb. There is less of a need to maintain knowledge when it is a mere google-search away; learn a language when we can just use automated translators and pocket-dictionaries; and, maintain normal social interactions when the majority of our friendships are maintained online. Removed from recent technology today for a week or for a month, we would find it hard to cope with the loss of the resources and shortcuts it provided us, something older generations who remember a time without house-to-house electricity would have no trouble doing.We are not too dependent upon technology just yet. Humans still have choices to be active and exercise rather than sit in front of a computer 18 hours per day. Technology allows humans to think of new ideas and new inventions that further our society. Technology is a necessary step forward in our evolution that leads us to new frontiers.
Recognize the psychosocial effects of having a child dependent on technology.

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Reasonable dependence on technology is a desirable outcome of the automation of patient care systems. Clearly, CPOE systems with integrated CDS provide many distinct advantages to the busy clinician who must synthesize and remember an ever-increasing body of clinical knowledge. However, overdependence on technology can arise when computerized clinical systems are not robust (e.g., are slow, partially or completely unavailable), when clinicians begin to trust these systems without question, and when healthcare workers have no exposure or training in non-automated clinical environments. For these reasons, it is imperative that healthcare organizations consider and prepare for potential problems related to technology adoption.

We all have become a little too dependent on technology and the expectations of what technology can do for us.

I think that we are becoming too dependent on technology

Mark Britton concluded: “With recruiters becoming more dependent on recruitment technology it is now imperative that increased integration between systems is enabled. At Mercury xRM, our cloud based recruitment software is able to drive recruiter efficiency further by incorporating a number of key recruitment tools, from online jobs boards to the Microsoft Office suite. Modern recruiters are finding themselves busier than ever, and with the industry showing no sign of slowing down any time soon, it is now important that recruiters are supported by technology, especially as technologies continue to evolve and advance.”

That threat of becoming dependent upon technology to do mathematics is only a real concern, for me at least, under one of two conditions.

Dependence on technology increases in teens - Waterloo

Why are we becoming so dependent on technology ? What if one day you lost your cell phone and withit, you almost lost your identity, your banking details, your contacts, addresses, photos, and evenyour way home because you can't read maps unless its directions on your phone.