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The main aim of the study reported here was to investigate how having an IC related to children's tendency spontaneously to focus on mental characteristics when given an open-ended invitation to describe a best friend. The results showed that children with ICs were more likely than their NIC peers to describe their best friend with reference to mental characteristics. Our second aim was to investigate how children's IC status related to their performance on a battery of tasks assessing core ToM abilities. No association was found between ToM performance and IC status, replicating the null findings of and . In contrast, the lack of association between IC status and ToM is at odds with finding that children with ICs showed superior ToM abilities compared with their NIC counterparts. However, as mentioned in the Introduction, the ToM assessment in Taylor and Carlson's study differed from that used in the present study. Two of the three tasks used to assess ToM in this earlier study involved understanding different perspectives (e.g. the difference between appearance and reality) rather than belief states. Thus, it may be the case that having an IC was positively related specifically to children's understanding of perspective-taking, and this may explain the discrepancy in findings. Taylor and Carlson did not report how IC status related to performance on the individual ToM tasks, but it would be interesting to explore in future research whether children with ICs have a specific advantage in understanding diverse perspectives rather than diverse beliefs.

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In a recent community forum conversation, someone posted the following in a discussion about taxing the wealthy. He was describing a friend of his who owned horses and the issues this business owner faced:

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With two hours until Harvey has to be at Citi Field in Queens, he decides he has time for some quick shopping. "Do you know the store John Varvatos?" Harvey asks, saying the name of the menswear designer as if describing a friend he met recently. "So cool." Since moving to the city, Harvey has formed a tight, Jedi-apprentice bond with , the goalie for the Rangers – a man known as much for his style as his ability to keep the puck out of the net. "Matt's very funny," says Lundqvist. "He calls me sometimes and says, 'Let's go shopping, teach me some stuff.'" Harvey has no shame in admitting that his fierce competitive streak extends far beyond the pitching mound. "He always makes the best-dressed lists," he says of Lundqvist. "Well, I want to be on ."

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Here is a list of words that describe a good friendship: affable, affectionate, amiable, , attentive, available, believable, brave, caring, cheerful, considerate, cordial, discerning, easygoing, empathetic, faithful, forgiving, funny, generous, gentle, giving, good listener, heartfelt, honest, humorous, kind, loving, loyal, nice, optimistic, punctual, reliable, responsible, sensitive, sincere, sociable, sweet, sympathetic, tactful, thoughtful, trustworthy, truthful, warm, warm-hearted, winning, and wonderful. Individual differences in 7- to 9-year-olds' descriptions of a best friend were investigated by using an adaptation of the interview used to assess mothers' mind-mindedness () in describing their preschoolers (). While all children mentioned friends' behavioural characteristics and over three-quarters included a physical description, only 54% of children used a mental attribute to describe their best friend. To explore potential reasons for individual differences in children's mental descriptions, investigated whether performance on the friend description task related to concurrent use of internal-state language when narrating a wordless picture book, and to children's theory of mind (ToM) abilities as assessed using strange stories task. Children's mental descriptions of their best friend were highly positively correlated with their use of internal-state language during the book-narration task, suggesting stability in children's tendency to invoke internal states either when describing a friend or when explaining and interpreting the events in a book. In contrast, internal-state language use on neither task related to children's ToM performance. Meins et al. argued that having a ToM does not necessarily mean that children will spontaneously use their knowledge of internal states when representing and interpreting other people and their behaviour. has also recently discussed this notion of a competence–performance gap in children's mentalizing abilities.
Similarly, , literally meaning loveable, is a wonderful way to describe a friend or nice person.

20 nice describing words to describe a friend

Despite these observed parallels between children's real and imaginary friendships, research has not yet addressed whether having an IC relates to how children think about and represent their real-world friends. Investigating this issue was the main aim of the study reported here. Specifically, we were interested in whether children's creation of an IC related to their tendency spontaneously to describe their real friends with reference to their mental characteristics rather than their physical appearance or behavioural traits. It was predicted that children with an IC would be more likely to invoke thoughts, desires, beliefs, and emotions in describing a real friend because of the greater salience of internal states afforded to them by engaging with their IC.

Describing a church is like describing a friend or a family. We are somehow the sum of our history, our values, our habits and our personality.

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In these tales Oliver Sacks is explaining his friends to us and, as one does in describing a friend to others, he shows their foibles - for these individuals, the particular symptoms of their neuro-psychiatric afflictions. But he evokes their foibles from within their strengths, their compensating aptitudes, their pluck

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Dale Carnegie had many words that describe a good friendship and advice on making friends. He also shows the importance of a positive attitude, and that can help you make friends. Here is a sampling of his wisdom.