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What other questions might geography answer about a place? The National Geographic Society and other professional geographers suggest focusing on the five themes of geography, or five areas that help describe a place — location, place, human-environment interaction, movement, and region. Let’s explore those five themes as they relate to Mississippi.

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Before pursuing the question of what it means to design contextually, we need to make sure we are on the same page about the term context. The dictionary shows it to mean “the circumstances, background or setting where a particular act or event occurs.” As far as architecture is concerned, the context is usually thought of as the site or neighborhood and the particular event is the building itself. To really get the best sense of what this means, close your eyes and think of a particular place, say the neighborhood where you live. A film strip of images likely unfolds in your mind, detailing the sights, sounds and smells you associate with that place. By contrast, when describing a place as being without context, we mean that a particular site is lacking clearly visible and definable character. But is that all there is to context?

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Well fanfics are quite a bit different from original works in that you and your readers have either seen the world of the story, or it has been described to you in the original work. Therefore, you don't need to worry about describing a place because you and your readers already know what it's like. Fanfics are more often used to explore other plot and character options--almost like a super-focused writing exercise. Original works are different in that the reader is lost in the dark until they receive a description, because they've never been in that world before. If you don't describe, your readers will be completely blind, and the world will feel like it's not really there.

After talking with former US Army Captain, , it’s hard to believe that she’s describing a place so harshly affected by decades of turmoil:
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Hi Simon,
The topic asks about describing a place that you have studied or worked.
I will talk about a building that I used to work. But what tense should I use? It's in the past but the building still is there.
For example:
-The building is surrounded by small gardens and a boulevard. (is or was?)
-This office is the headquarter of the company (is or was?)
- My company provides mobile services nationwide. (provides or provided)
I talk about the past but all above ideas are still true.
Please help...

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One of the most powerful, yet neglected, travel writing techniques is that of appealing to the senses - all of the senses.

Most of us do a reasonable job describing what we see, but we neglect our other senses (touch, smell, sound, taste).

Our sense of smell is particularly powerful and conjures up powerful images in our minds. Smell is the most sensitive of our senses, and people can remember smells with 65% accuracy after a year, while visual recall is only about 50% accurate after only three months.

There are also many other stimuli in addition to our traditional senses that you can use to describe a place, such as temperature, balance, speed, time and pain. The effect of using your senses to describe a place is potent.

When you are writing a description of a place, think in terms of which of your senses you experienced while you were there. Close your eyes and envision being there again. What did you hear? How did you feel? What did you smell? What did you taste? What sensations did you feel?

Just to get you started, here are some examples of using your senses to create descriptions - and a sense of place - for your readers:

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