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Finally, we investigated whether children's reported behaviour related to their IC status, ToM performance, and tendency to describe their friends with reference to their mental characteristics. argued that having an IC can potentially improve children's relationships with peers by enabling children to have more practice of peer interaction. It may be the case that engaging with an IC facilitates children's real-life prosocial behaviour, which in turn may relate to children's ToM and tendency to focus on their real friends' mental characteristics. No study has investigated how children's IC status relates to their prosocial behaviour with peers. Indeed, as noted, studies investigating social relationships and children's understanding of other minds are surprisingly rare. The study reported here was thus the first to explore how having an IC related to children's behaviour with peers, and focused both on reported prosocial behaviour and behavioural difficulties.

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My thinking about conservative Quakerism and its relationship to the rest of Quakerism may have begun with reading Clarkson’s Quakerism when in my twenties. Thomas Clarkson was not a Quaker; he was a friend of the Friends who became well acquainted with British Quakers because of his anti-slavery activism at the turn of the 19th century. He was so familiar with Friends that he wrote a Portraiture of Quakerism describing Friends as he knew them in their attitudes, their spirit and their intentions as lived out in their culture and their everyday lives. Reading this portrait of British Quakerism around 1800, in Ohio in the 1950’s, I recognized in it the flavor of the Quakerism I had grown up with in Iowa and Ohio in the 1930’s and 1940’s. This led me to think of that Quakerism as a window back in time, to help understand the reality of what Friends had tried to be in what is sometimes referred to as the classic period of Quakerism. Besides, my copy of Clarkson’s Quakerism had once been a text at Westtown School, so I knew that the Philadelphia Friends among whom my mother had grown up had regarded it as a model! So, when we talk about the contribution of Conservative Friends, we are also trying to talk about the witness of Quakerism in a classic sense; we are trying to get at something we consider essential to Quakerism. And our unique witness is not unique after all, except that we have hung on to certain characteristics, certain practices, long enough to be able to share them now, with you.

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This study examines personal collectivism and individualism (or allocentrism and idiocentrism) in relation to the perception of same‐sex friendships among adolescents living in a multi‐ethnic context in the Netherlands. Respondents originally from collectivist cultures were more allocentric than respondents originally from individualist cultures. Among the former group allocentrism was unrelated to idiocentrism, whereas a negative relation was found among the latter group. Allocentrism was related to a greater sensitivity to friends, using more ascribed features in describing friends, having fewer friends but seeing their relationship as closer, perceiving less intimacy with other‐than‐best‐friends, and endorsing rules about relations with third parties more. Idiocentrism was related to less sensitivity to friends, using more personal characteristics in describing friends, but also to having fewer friends, talking less intimately with others, and endorsing friendship rules about intimacy less. Additionally, gender had independent effects on the perception of friendship, suggesting that cultural and gender differences cannot be characterized by the same set of features.

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Similarly, , literally meaning loveable, is a wonderful way to describe a friend or nice person.

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To describe your friend's gentle side, you can call him . It means your friend is kind.

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Individual differences in 7- to 9-year-olds' descriptions of a best friend were investigated by using an adaptation of the interview used to assess mothers' mind-mindedness () in describing their preschoolers (). While all children mentioned friends' behavioural characteristics and over three-quarters included a physical description, only 54% of children used a mental attribute to describe their best friend. To explore potential reasons for individual differences in children's mental descriptions, investigated whether performance on the friend description task related to concurrent use of internal-state language when narrating a wordless picture book, and to children's theory of mind (ToM) abilities as assessed using strange stories task. Children's mental descriptions of their best friend were highly positively correlated with their use of internal-state language during the book-narration task, suggesting stability in children's tendency to invoke internal states either when describing a friend or when explaining and interpreting the events in a book. In contrast, internal-state language use on neither task related to children's ToM performance. Meins et al. argued that having a ToM does not necessarily mean that children will spontaneously use their knowledge of internal states when representing and interpreting other people and their behaviour. has also recently discussed this notion of a competence–performance gap in children's mentalizing abilities.

These vocabulary can be used to make sentences (see bottom of page) describing friends, , feelings and various objects using the verb

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The friend lists on profile pages have (Friends Network) microformat markup describing friends, communities a memberis a part of, and members of a community.