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Photographers are invited to respond to the title theme in celebration of Bristol’s status as Green Capital of Europe. What does it mean to ‘see in green’ in Bristol today? The competition welcomes imaginative and creative interpretations of or from a green point of view. Dr Rowan Williams, in his recent appearance at , drew attention to two examples of imagery concerning green issues: the first, in passing, was that images of the goodness and beauty of the natural world such as sunsets or flowers were not in themselves appropriate for either a Christian or secular green viewpoint, leading as they do to sentimentalism and triteness. The second, in his description of a friend’s photograph of a Pacific island’s struggle with sea erosion, demonstrated a sharper vision of human interconnectedness with the landscape. This competition seeks to encourage images of the second type mentioned here. Whether of religious persuasion or not, the camera perspectives sought include the emotive, spiritual, and neighbourly aspects of living greenly in Bristol.

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Similarly, his description of a friend’s religious conversion – “an overwhelming conviction had run through him and he had risen from the bed a Christian” – makes it sound as if he’s suffering from the trots.

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Good hub, Thelma Alberts! : ) I like your description of a friend...'true friends' or what some might otherwise call a 'kindred spirit' or 'bossum buddy'. I have one said such friend, who meets all categories. I wouldn't trade him for the world! ; )

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Jennifer, Charlotte’s Web was a childhood favorite! I have been blessed to have many Charlottes in my life. I hope I am Charlotte to them… LOVE this post and your description of a friend! Walking with Jesus, our Lord and Savior, FRIEND Always! God bless!

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A true friend is always there.
A true friend is someone who shows they care.

A true friend is someone you can always trust.
A true friend, is someone you can call for help at anytime, they’re not fust.

A true friend is someone you can always go to for a hug.
A true friend is someone who visits you when you’re sick in bed with a tummy bug.

A true friend is always kind and loyal too.
My description of a true friend is a description of you!

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Additional Activities:
— Post the laminated pictures on the wall and read the character descriptions that students wrote. Ask students to match the description with the correct picture.
— Read good character descriptions from literature.
— Ask students to write a description of a friend or classmate.