9. A description of my best friend.

9. A description of my best friend: Ella es genial. Es y , espontanea, divertida y aunque con los demás puede ser fría conmigo es un trocito de dulzura. Y es tierna y se lo voy a decir siempre aunque no le guste~

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NPOV is the exact description of my best friend. As a result, he cannot make a decision on any grey area. Although, he makes me think (lots). He will point out every side and facet to an argument (good stuff). I like to think that I grow because he is in my life but, in reality, I prolly just try to influence him. Although, I always consider what he says. 09:42, February 22, 2012 (UTC)

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Katy Helen not only captured the light of my best friend, she did so in the most loving and supportive way.

I emailed Katy a rather emotional description of my best friend, as well as several pictures upon the nearing the anniversary of his death. She emailed me back, mirroring my feelings of my best friend and assuring me that she would do her best to give him the dignity he deserved in his memorial.

I went to the Little Italty Farmer's Market to pick up his portrait on her specified date and saw his painting from a block away. It was like my baby was waiting there for me. She captured his spirit in a fun, whimsical way...in a way that would have been more like him than even a regular photograph. I started bawling before I even got to her booth. There was my baby, as I'd not been able to capture since before his death.

My baby's ashes were stolen during a home burglary, and I'd felt an enormous hole in my heart because of the incident. This painting makes me feel like I've regained a good portion of the remembrance that I'd lost.

I am so thankful to Katy for her beautiful, and loving work. I mention her name whenever I come across people as pet-centric as me :)

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Smyth has the name and physical description of my best friend (and mad science consultant)

A description of my best friend

I was not disappointed, it was like reading a personal description of my best friend


58 - description of my best friend ((I'm assuming you mean a friend irl from school

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