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Despite decades of interest in impression formation and much research on intentionality attributions, there has been an absence of work on how the linguistic structure of behavior descriptions influences impression formation. We examined whether describing a person’s behaviors in terms of what the person was doing (rather than what the person did) would enhance intentionality attributions in the context of both mundane and criminal behaviors. In Experiment 1, participants had intention-relevant concepts more accessible in memory after reading descriptions of a person’s behaviors conveyed in the imperfective aspect than after reading the same descriptions conveyed in the perfective aspect. Experiment 2 extended these findings by showing that the imperfective aspect led to segmenting more actions from the described behaviors, which in turn increased attributions of intentionality to the actor. Finally, Experiment 3 highlighted important implications of our model for assessments of criminal intentionality and also conceptually replicated the findings of Experiment 2. In particular, Experiment 3 revealed that when violent, unlawful actions were described in the imperfective rather than the perfective aspect, the perpetrator of the actions was viewed as engaging in them with greater harmful intent. As in Experiment 2, these effects of aspect were traced back to differences in the detail with which the actions were processed.

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Do not use racist, discriminatory or sexist language. Do not include descriptions of a person’s race, colour, or national origin unless it is required.

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People who are lying are trying to mislead others. If an attempt to mislead is conscious, entails misstatement of fact, and promises a payoff, it is usually considered a lie. Alongside its denotative meaning, lying is a pejorative term. In one investigation, college students rated the social desirability of 555 one-word descriptions of a person. According to these ratings, the most negative thing one can say about a person is not that the person is greedy, incompetent, prejudiced, or cruel. The most negative thing one can say is that the person is a liar.

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There are many words that can be used as a description of a person,and many start with the letter r

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