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Gum should be allowed because it could be useful as possibly a learning tool and kids like to have a little bit of fun with their projects. Gum can be used for maybe a descriptive writing piece (describe what gum feels,tastes like,looks,etc.) I know gum can be an issue in ways but teachers can prevent kids from chewing it.

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In the grade Unit this week, our weekly lesson is: How can we get what we want and need? Student's got an imaginary budget of $20.00. They had to make a list of one dairy item, one meat, one grain, one fruit, and one vegetable. They also were allowed to have two wants. During our trip to Moon's students had to write down the prices of their items and see if they stayed within budget and had enough money to get their wants. To finish the assignment student's will write a descriptive writing piece, describing their experience at Moons and if they were able to meet their needs and wants.

Last week, we created monsters and wrote a descriptive writing piece

Starting with an introduction into key events in Australian history and their influence on the area, the students then completed a walk around Tarnagulla; recording notes and taking pictures of the historic buildings and features of the town. Using the information recorded during the walk the students were able to create their own maps of the town and identify a building of their choice that they wished to research further. This website with its combination of primary and secondary sources and the plaques located around the town provided an excellent basis for the students’ research. Then, drawing on the content covered over the series of lessons the students produced a descriptive writing piece, detailing the history of their chosen building and why they were interested by it.

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Students then use their Halloween words in order to create a descriptive writing piece. Product can be

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What are your students’ chores at home? Do they have to sweep, vacuum, or mop the floors? Holystoning was a chore for sailors on board Constitution. Investigate the “Holystoning” scene from and then read the to your students, written from the point of view of a sailor and an officer. Have your students write a descriptive writing piece about the “Holystoning” scene, imagining they are a holystoning sailor or a supervising officer. Have them consider: sights, sounds, sensation, emotions, and their physical movements.

Students could also do a descriptive writing piece about their favorite seasons and why.

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