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Hemsworth compares to , not just in the slimming down requirements. In this whaling epic, his character Chase is a dramatic foil to his captain George Pollard, Jr. (Ben Walker). "I think (Ben and I) both had the same idea about having these guys be in conflict, but underneath, there’s an amount of respect," Hemsworth offered, "And that’s always an interesting rivalry. It’s the same with the Niki Lauda, James Hunt story that me and Ron talk about often being one of the most successful things or one of the most exciting things about that relationship was the fact that you don’t have that kind of competitiveness towards someone unless there’s an amount of respect to it. Respect comes with that. "

Benvolio and Tybalt are both dramatic foils in the play.

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Gaudí built this mansion in 1886–89 for textile baron Count Eusebi de Güell Bacigalupi, his most important patron. (The prominent four bars of the the banner of Catalunya, on the facade between the parabolic arches of the entrance attest to the nationalist fervor the two men shared.) Gaudí's principal obsession in this project was to find a way to illuminate this seven-story house, hemmed in as it is by other buildings in the cramped quarters of El Raval. The dark facade is a dramatic foil for the brilliance of the inside, where spear-shaped Art Nouveau columns frame the windows, rising to support a series of detailed and elaborately carved wood ceilings.

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Creatures of Nevada was created in the period in the 1990s when Battenberg was examining issues of the environment with studies of wildlife, particularly scrappy predators such as ravens, hawks, and coyotes, and he sometimes invented fierce-looking creatures. The block-long work is located along a pedestrian platform below the main sidewalk, halfway down to the Truckee River itself, up against the south embankment wall of the river. Parts of the wall are fountains that tumble into a series of long, narrow basins running at the foot of the wall. Battenberg's dozen panels, with one exception, each feature a single animal in cast and welded bronze—a bird of prey, a stag, a bear, a hare, a coyote, and a bighorn sheep. The panels are separated from each other by arcing rivulets of water. At the center is a wall of fountains, the outlets for which Battenberg designed and cast small animal heads. None of the figures is solid, and they seem to have been assembled of wood, bone, and strips of bark, but each has a significant dramatic presence. The practical result of the strips of material is that each figure is made up of many edges which suggest sharpness and a message to "keep away." These are tough, resilient creatures in a hostile environment, not softened by their watery setting—it is symbolic of many such animals in Nevada. They are not reliefs, but separately realized sculptures, using the wall behind them as a dramatic foil.

Belting it out: Kylie wowed the audience when she took to the stage in a dramatic aluminium foil style strapless ball gown
Kylie, 42, later wowed the audience when she took to the stage in a dramatic aluminium foil style strapless ball gown.

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As an example of dramatic foil, I next ask students to use the Diagram on the opposite side of their quiz as we compare and contrast Tybalt and Romeo from what they know of them.

Dramatic foils exist in all narrative genres, and not only in stage plays

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Not everyone in the play handles social conundrums in the same way. Each character performs for her friends in order to make people like her and sustain the persona she’s built up in society. Celimene, played by sophomore Anna McConnell, embodies all the false flattery and flirtatiousness that Alceste seems to hate, but she becomes the misanthrope’s love interest nonetheless. On the other hand, Philinte, played by junior Gabe Hoffman, represents Alceste’s best friend and dramatic foil. A (weak) voice of reason in the show, Philinte seems to constantly put his life on hold in order to pull his buddy back from the ledge.

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In the building Knowledge activity we used Tybalt as Romeo's dramatic foil. After reading Scene 2 which introduced Paris as the Capulet's choice for Juliet, one of my students raised his hand to ask a question that us teachers love. I will paraphrase what he said. "Juliet is supposed to marry Paris, who doesn't seem to be as cool as Romeo, and he likes Juliet because she's from a rich family. Doesn't that make him a foil for Romeo who really falls in love with Juliet?" It feels so good when they get it! After discussing he correct analysis I then decided to ask, "Who was a foil for Juliet?" Several students raised their hands and correctly said, "Rosaline." I realized from this short discussion that I could have included an extended activity asking for additional examples of foils in the scenes we are reading.