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Education is a lifelong process built on a foundation created in childhood. Good education is reflected in a love of learning and is characterized by skills and attitudes that enable a person to grow and adapt throughout life.

I fully agree that education is a lifelong process

Education is a lifelong process

Continuing education is a lifelong process

“More clearly than any other, the physician should illustrate the truth of Plato’s saying that education is a lifelong process.” ---------Sir William Osler

Diabetes education is a lifelong process

Medical education is a lifelong process that requires the skills of self assessment, self reflection, continuous learning and professional accountability. These skills must be developed at the undergraduate medical level and continue on through residency and practice. We are committed to helping our students develop the skills that the modern physician needs to care for patients and be a leader in the practice of medicine.

· Education is a lifelong process and continuous improvement is a value we model and instill in our students.
Sexuality education is a lifelong process of acquiring information and forming attitudes, beliefs, and values. It encompasses sexual development, sexual and reproductive health, interpersonal relationships, affection, intimacy, body image, and gender roles. At EKU, we recognize education is a lifelong process. At the same time, we understand that adults are busy and want to get the most from their time and energy they put into their classes. You will find that at the EKU Adult Education Program, the staff and instructors are very dedicated to supporting adults who are interested in continuing their education. We will work with you side-by-side to help you to succeed.
Education is a lifelong process necessary for achievement of each individual's potential

At EKU, we recognize education is a lifelong process

Mr. Evje’s Philosophy on Homework
I believe education is a lifelong process that extends beyond school. It is important that students recognize that learning takes place in the home as well as the community. Homework is recognized as an effective school practice and is one means of teaching the necessary skills of independent study and learning.

When it comes to assignments and homework, I have a few suggestions to help:

1. Assignment Book
Your child was given an assignment book at the beginning of the year, and he/she is required to use it. Some parents are lucky and have a child who likes school and is always organized and ready to go. Some of us are not so lucky and it seems like a never ending battle with organization and homework. For those parents, I encourage you to work with your child and develop a plan that allows you to check the planner, but allows your child to feel in control of their academic responsibilities.

2. Let the Teachers Help
One of the biggest reasons parents and children get into power struggles is homework. When you start to feel stressed out over homework or maybe you don't understand the assignment, I encourage you to put the assignment away and bring your child to school early and let the teacher do what they do best, and that is teach. Our staff is very dedicated to teaching your child and they tell students all of the time to seek them out for help. Our teachers are here from 7:45 to 3:45 PM, and often times much earlier and much later. If your child is embarrassed to go see a teacher, have him/her bring a friend. Often times the friend has questions too.

Community Education embraces the belief that education is a lifelong process

I believe education is a lifelong process that extends beyond school

Maria, I agree with the comments in here, age is just a number and education is a lifelong process, if you have the chance to do it just go for it, being surrounded by people that is also perusing a degree or just enroll in a class by the simple fact of learning, is always gratifying to me.

Education is a lifelong process and doesn't end with graduation at any level of schooling

Education is a Lifelong Process

Welcome to the Temple Shalom Religious School and Preschool, where we believe that Jewish education is a lifelong process that provides opportunities to expand the horizons of knowledge and understanding of our rich Jewish heritage and tradition. We seek to create a special partnership between home and school and to bring deeper meaning and purpose to each family’s life. In our classrooms, we stress the fundamental goals of our religious identity, as well as commitment to learning and living a Jewish life. We strive to enrich the congregation and the community through all our programs. Let us learn together!