An emotion poem starts and ends by the same toughts.

To write an emotion poem the children answered a number of questions. The children even had the questions as homework and they wrote some great Emotion Poems. Here is the homework sheet, can you write another Emotion Poem?

Try writing an emotion poem yourself:

An emotion poem is used to describe various emotions, good or bad, using descriptive language.

Emotion poem ¡¾the old house remember fondly ¡¿

Assignment: Write an emotion poem, describing the emotion not how it causes a person to act or to feel, using action verbs as much as possible and avoiding "It is..." or "(emotion) is..." or stating the emotion feels like, tastes like, or sounds like, etc.

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Poems about emotion might often seem to be better placed in either the happy or sad categories, and usually they reside in one of these as well. But an emotional poem looks far deeper at the emotion itself than other poems of similar content.

Peaceful and tranquil desire to stay at place where the dreams grow........a beautiful emotional poem
longing, such a longing

I wish
with all my might
I could do it
set things right
and reach, reach
with all my might
reach with these words

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no relief, no release
except to feel, except to know

poems of loneliness
can give way
to songs of joy
can give way
and do
to ebb and flow

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love from the heart

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emotions belong
flowing though my living, my life
make it alive

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contentment frustration despair

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and the emotion sea of life
There are a couple different emotion poem formats to follow, and you could always come up with your own.

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seemingly gone, seemingly there are none

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Example of an emotion poem:

Feelings And Emotions Poem by Kev Elmer - Poem Hunter

Emotion Poem: Many distressed teens have strong emotions. These can be the subject of very relevant poems that effectively address feelings, reactions, and causes of a particular emotional state. A poem about anger can ask one or all of these questions: What is it like to feel angry? What happens to you when you’re angry? What are the causes of your anger? The answer to each question might include detailed anecdote or poetic imagery. In the excerpt below, the poem ends by repeating its first line, which raises an essential question within the poem – Why is it that “My anger is a mystery to me”?

Example of an Emotion poem:

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Every time I'm going
into emotions
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I get so lonely

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and then

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