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Visual artist, columnist, organiser and musician. Has an explicit political approach in live and work. Good asshole. Plays in Twee Hond, a duo band with his wife Lies Klaus. In 2010 he got the Hans Baaij essay price for a critical essay on arts and its position in the Rotterdam city structure. He runs his homestage Le Sud with small artistic meetings and has in Cafe Tropical his monthly talkshow on culture/art and politics.

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- Journal of Curriculum and Pedagogy
The is positioned at the intersection of curriculum theory, teaching studies, and arts-based research. Each issue of the journal features an abbreviated essay on arts based educational research (ABER). These short “essays” might include, but are not limited to visual artworks, documentations of performance artwork, ethno-drama, musical performances, poetry, narratives, or stills from videos complemented by a brief text that theorizes the art from the perspective of curriculum and pedagogy. The ABER section of the journal is separate from the published articles in each issue. Authors wishing to submit full-length manuscripts that are arts-based in nature should do so through the general call for manuscripts (please see above website). The submission process is comprised of three strands:

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Awards : "Prix Georges Jamati" for the best essay on arts and social sciences published in France (1989). "Premio Filmcritica" for the best essay on cinema and photography published in Italy (2002). "Premio Giubbe Rosse" for an autobiographical essay (2002). "Medaglia d'argento dell'Accademia Veneta" for the lectio magistralis (keynote speech) delivered at the Accademia di Belle Arti in Venice (2010). In April 2011, the French Minister of Culture Frédéric Mitterrand awarded him the title of Chevalier of the Order of Arts and Letters. In Italy, in June 2011, the President Giorgio Napolitano awarded him the title of Chevalier of the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic.

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Each issue of the journal features an abbreviated essay on arts based educational research (ABER)

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VVG Something is a little hard to find, located in a small alley, with a red front door that could easily pass as the entrance to someone’s home. Come here to find a fine selection of artsy books and enjoy the atmosphere. The books concentrate heavily on art: picture book about things we love, essay on arts, recipe books with tempting pictures, cute cards with beautiful writings inside. All books are pretty and pristine. The decor is vintage, gorgeous and you can always take a break from the book browsing to sneak around to the back, sit down and sip some coffee.

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The reason why I'm studying Japanese is for getting mor score for my University. And also actualy my nationality is Taiwan and born and brought up in Japan so my Japanese is good as native, but, my writing isn't very good. That's because of I had three problems is disorgornized stracture and the second one is a lack of natural flow and the last one is that I am weak at kanji (Chinese characters.)
But, as soon I found out that I have had a lot improvement because I learned essay writing skill from my teacher and from the text books. I'll continue to improve my essay writing skills and hopefully in the future I'll be able to write good academic essay on arts. Also I already sat my Adavanced Japanese Exam and I found it very easy to finish in about one hour.
Lin, 2002 May
Lin (Jefferson) studied with me for about hafl a year from October 2001.

Now Camnitzer's short essay on arts education makes a number of relevant points in all this

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Now Camnitzer’s short essay on arts education makes a number of relevant points in all this. One is that arts education, or art appreciation, has always been taught in terms of ‘looking at’ a work of art in order to better the viewer’s skills in deciphering other aspects of society. Improve performance, as he says, in other fields (business). Allow me to quote Camnitzer again…