How can I get a copy of my organization's exemption letter?

Exemption Letters might be requested by Russian customs authorities in case of ambiguous product coding due to discrepancy between the Russian Product Classification and the Foreign Trade Classifications.

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Continued effectiveness of a group exemption letter is based on thefollowing conditions.

Rule: list of exemptions; (exemption letter requirement);

At the momentthe exemption lettersare used in the controversial classifications of products for customs clearance of cargo as well as for the smooth implementation of products in the Russian Federation.

Here is a sample medical exemption letter:

Period of validity of the exemption letter may be interrupted due to the possible entry into force of amendments or changes to the legislation of the Russian Federation in respect of products subject to mandatory certification and declaration in Russia.

Exemption Letters are produced by the All Russia Research and Development Certification Institutes.
A tax exempt letter is a letter that establishes an organizations status as a “tax exempt” or charitable entity. When an organization applies for a grant or funding from a private foundation they will usually require this letter to be part of the application process.If your organization is a subordinate one controlled by a centralorganization (for example, a church, the Boy Scouts, or a fraternalorganization), you should check with the central organization to seeif it has been issued a group exemption letter that covers yourorganization. If it has, you do not have to file a separateapplication unless your organization no longer wants to be included inthe group exemption letter.A group exemption letter is a ruling or determination letter issuedto a central organization recognizing on a group basis the exemptionunder section 501(c) of subordinate organizations on whose behalf thecentral organization has applied for recognition of exemption.To maintain a group exemption letter, the central organization mustsubmit annually, at least 90 days before the close of its annualaccounting period, all of the following information.The continued effectiveness of a group exemption letter is based on these four conditions,as well as on the continued conformity by the subordinate to therequirements for inclusion in a group exemption letter, theauthorization for inclusion, and the annual filing of any requiredinformation return for the subordinate.She is searching for her copy of the last letter to email me. She quoted the bible and all (taken from some approved online exemption letters). I told her it may be too much but she felt it'd be better. That is now what they are referring too.
A group exemption letter no longer has effect, for either aparticular subordinate or the group as a whole, when:

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A subordinate organization may or may not be incorporated, but itmust have an organizing document. A subordinate that is organized andoperated in a foreign country may not be included in a group exemptionletter. A subordinate described in section 501(c)(3) may not beincluded in a group exemption letter if it is a private foundationdescribed in section 509(a).

Local governments are required to send exemption letters to Ecology and the applicant  to approve the project:

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New 501(c)(3) organizations that want to be included.A new organization, described in section 501(c)(3), that wants tobe included in a group exemption letter, must submit its authorization(as explained in item number 5 above, under ) to the central organizationbefore the end of the 15th month after it was formed in order tosatisfy the requirement of section 508(a). The central organizationmust also include this subordinate in its next annual submission ofinformation as discussed below under

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If the group exemption letter does not cover your organization, askyour central organization about being included in the next annualgroup ruling update that it submits to the IRS.