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The story of the Merchant of Venice actually begins with the need for external pleasures. Bassanio is in desperate need for a loan to meet a woman. He knows that she is a noble woman and will only consider noble men to marry. Bassanio asks his best friend Antonio for three thousand ducats to help him get the lady he desires. One reflection of the external issue shown throughout the play is when Bassanio is attempting to change his external appearance by dressing himself and his servants up in nice clothes. He does this only to seem worthy of the dignified lady he desires.

Figure 3 The external appearance of vertebrate brains.

Do not judge according to external appearance, but judge with proper judgment.

Boundary samples of external appearance quality standards

With 95% of consumers reporting that exterior appearance is important in selecting a store to shop, the survey results suggest that retailers across the board, from restaurants to big-box outlets, should focus on the external presentation of their location to ensure there are satisfied customers inside.

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More than two-thirds of consumers say they have avoided a place of business based on its external appearance. The appearance factor that most (52%) influenced the decision to not enter a store was “looked dirty from the outside,” followed by “looked outdated or old.”

External appearance is not what you need to judge . And Why exactly you want to judge?
(also conformation; Russian , a scientific term used to refer to the outer forms of an animal’s body structure. In zootechny, external appearance is examined taking into account physical constitution and productivity ().A proper understanding of external appearance and its role in evaluating the economic values of animals was encouraged by the work of the German scientist H. Natuzius and by the Russian and Soviet scientists M. I. Pridorogin, V. I. Vsevolodov, 1.1. Ravich, P. N. Kuleshov, E. A. Bogdanov, M. F. Ivanov, and E. F. Lis-kun. It was shown that the external examination and measurement of an animal enable specialists to draw conclusions concerning the development of the animal’s internal organs, its strength, health, and breeding characteristics, the correspondence of its body structure to productivity, and its adaptibility to maintenance conditions.The study of external appearance was at first devoted exclusively to the breeding of ideally formed animals. During the 19th century, however, with the development in many countries of specialized farm breeds, specialists in animal husbandry searched for direct links between body points and productivity. Selection according to individual body points resulted in a weakening of the constitution and external defects.The Problem of the life passion of St. C? us, and the external appearance of Jesus possessed but minor interest for the Church Fathers, although the Catholic Acts of the Holy Apostles ascribe to him an olive complexion, a beautiful beard, and flashing eyes. Further details are first found in a letter to the Emperor Theophilus attributed to John of Damascus (in MPG, xcv. 349), which speaks of the brows which grew together, the beautiful eyes, the prominent nose, the curling hair, the look of health, the black beard, the wheat-colored complexion, and the long fingers, a picture which almost coincides with a hand-book on painting from Mt. Athos not earlier than the sixteenth century. In like manner, Nicephorus Callistus, who introduced his description of the picture of Christ (MPG, cxlv. 748) with the words, "as we have received it from the ancients," was impressed with the healthful appearance, with the stature, the brown hair which was not very thick but somewhat curling, the black brows which were not fully arched, the sea-blue eyes shading into brown, the beautiful glance, the prominent nose, but brown beard of moderate length, and the long hair which had not been cut since childhood, the neck slightly bent, and the olive and somewhat ruddy complexion of the oval face. A slight divergence from both these accounts is shown by the so-called letter of Lentulus, the ostensible predecessor of Pontius Pilate, who is said to have prepared a report to the Roman Senate concerning Jesus and containing a description of him. According to this document Christ possessed a tall and handsome figure, a countenance which inspired reverence and awakened love and fear together, dark, shining, curling hair, parted in the center in Nazarene fashion and flowing over the shoulders, an open and serene forehead, a face without wrinkle or blemish and rendered more beautiful by its delicate ruddiness, a perfect nose and mouth, a full red beard of the same color as the hair and worn in two points and piercing eyes of a grayish-blue.
Improving the accuracy of external appearance quality assessment

External appearance - crossword puzzle clue

The external appearance of the perch is simple enough. The dorsal side of the fish consists of an upper maxilla and lower mandible for the mouth, a pair of nostrils, and two lidless eyes. On the posterior sides are the operculum, which are used to protect the gills. Also there is the lateral line system, which is sensitive to vibrations in the water.

The external appearance of Duronto Express is really worth mentioning. It is very colourful and very neat.

External appearance - Galatians 2:6

In the painting appearance guide we defined painting defects such as burnishing marks1, flow lines2 and spots3, and showed them in photos. We also showed many examples of painting defects categorized by parts such as the front, rotating unit and the track in the guide, which failed the external appearance inspection. We prepared these examples by recording paintings which failed the inspection at the worksite one by one, and we will continue to gather examples.

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Hummingbird: external appearance, ageing, sexing

William Shakespeare’s most important theme in The Merchant of Venice is the concept of external appearance vs. internal reality. Shakespeare uses comedy and drama through different characters and scenes to reveal this theme to his audience. The conflict of external views verses internal truth still occurs everywhere today. Too many people search for happiness through materialistic pleasures and external views of themselves and until this search is proved unrighteous, those people will end up as Shylock did in the end of Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice. Shakespeare shows us that beauty lies within and “all glisters is not gold” (2.7.65). Shakespeare makes it clear to his audience that being externally minded throughout life may bring you satisfaction but will not bring you contentment. He shows us this through one of the main characters, Shylock, a main test, the casket scene, disguises, and other hidden plots. Shakespeare is such an amazing writer because of how he uses scenes and objectives to reveal certain themes and ideas throughout all of his plays. Shakespeare’s ability to use what seems to be meaningless scenes to make huge statements is phenomenal.