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Going back to the Dark Ages and beyond, almost every country in Europe has a history of fortune tellers too. In England, there were those known as the "cunning folk" who not only used herbs to heal their townsfolk, but also were consulted to find lost objects or to aid in decision-making in business and home-life. It was said that many of these cunning folk were given their abilities by the "good folk" or what we might call the fairies today. But whatever their means of acquiring these talents, the cunning folk were fortune tellers in every sense of the words. Scrying was one method of divination which meant that the fortune teller would gaze into some reflective surface (i.e. a crystal ball or mirror) and allow a picture to show itself. This picture would give the fortune teller the answer to the question being asked. The ancient Celtic Druids were said to have "read the flight pattern of birds" or what is also known as augury.

History of Fortune Telling Cards

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Humanity has always been interested in trying to predict the future. Even if the future cannot be changed, we seem to have a primal craving to know something that should not be known. The history of fortune telling can be traced back to ancient times in almost every culture.

Both China and Japan have a history of fortune telling

This project will produce the first scholarly history of commercial fortune telling in modern America, told from the point of view of customers as well as practitioners. The history of the persistence of the trade in prophecy well into the twentieth century will shed new light on the relationship of rationality and modernity in United States history.

History of Fortune Telling
described the history of fortune telling in three phases: from the colonial period to the

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The history of fortune telling can be traced back to ancient times in almost every culture

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