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The tree was saved, not because an outcry erupted from the city but because AME hadn’t completely decided what to do with the property and in the interim, instead suggested that it would make a decent park. At this time, Ron Hanson, a then young employee of the Parks and Recreation Department helped broker a deal that would eventually save the tree for future generations. In the introduction memo to a report prepared by Hanson in 1971 about the prospect of a new park at the location, he suggested a few alternatives: “The reason for AME’s purchase was for purposes of future expansion of their hospital facilities which presently occupy the square block immediately east of the tree. Because this expansion will be at an undetermined future date, they have expressed a desire to develop the lot into a small park.”

Subject: Introduction memo instructions

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2. Know Your Colleagues. Law firms are no place for timidity. Introduce yourself to your coworkers; do not simply rely on the introduction memo or announcement that was circulated when you joined the firm. If that memo hit someone’s mailbox when they were in a meeting or juggling phone calls, it was probably overlooked or forgotten. If you are a new graduate, introduce yourself meaningfully, with both first and last name, and perhaps with a brief reminder of when you joined the firm and what you do. In the long run, you need your colleagues and coworkers to know who you are.

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Two decades have passed since NPR first hooked its staff up to the Internet. The original introduction memo has surfaced, and it's a blast from the past.

D. Trevor, DDB staff introduction memo, June 26, 1963, Aaron Ehrlich Collection, Center for American History, Austin, TX. [  ]
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