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1. Don’t say yes to an invitation from a person you don’t really know.
LinkedIn works best as a way to leverage your professional circle of people you know well or know their work well. I love looking through my friends’ professional networks to get an idea of what introductions I could possibly get from a friend. My friend can say to her friend, “This is Penelope, you should get to know her because of x.” But this only works if my friend actually knows me and the other person well. Otherwise, I may as well make the introduction myself.

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Sometimes I meet the company and I immediately think of an investor who might be interested. In those situations, I would offer an introduction myself, because it benefits both sides. That does not happen very often.

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his is a brief introduction of myself. If you are interested in knowingmore, read my or take a look at my . Do not expect toomuch, and keep your sense of humor.

introduction myself by Setiyo Wati (1st english task) MMB B, PENS 2015.

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How to write self introduction about myself? Any nuggets of wisdom would be absolutely great and very much appreciated. Please post whatever you know about this.

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