Is Hamlet insane or sane? Please provide textual evidence. Thank you.

When Gertrude asks Hamlet why he "seems" to be taking the death of his father so personally, he responds that no outward behavior on his part (wearing an "inky cloak," sighing, shedding tears, and so on) can "show" what he truly feels inside. If the "trappings" of grief are like a theatrical performance, as Hamlet suggests here, then performance is ultimately ineffective – an actor could never truly capture the kind of anguish Hamlet feels inside. Of course, this inevitably draws our attention to the fact that Hamlet's lines are being spoken by a stage actor, which makes the entire passage seem self-conscious. Just how powerful is performance? Is it possibly for an actor to reproduce a feeling like grief in a realistic way?

So, is Hamlet really insane? I would have to say so.

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By way of analogy, think of this question in Hamlet: Is Hamlet insane, or merely pretending to be insane? The answer, of course, is yes. And no. One can cite passages of Hamlet where the prince talks about pretending to fake insanity. One can also cite passages where Hamlet sees things no one else sees (the ghost of his father in his mother's bedroom, for example). The "evidence" found in the play isn't clear, and a bald statement--Hamlet is not insane--will certainly be challenged. This analogy is a better way to think of the nature of scientific evidence than 's false assumption.

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Does Hamlet love Ophelia? Should Hamlet have killed Claudius? Has Gertrude betrayed her first husband? Is Polonius a shrewd politician or a fool? Is Hamlet insane, faking insanity, or some mixture of the two? Etc. The play -- purposefully, in my opinion -- refuses to give the audience definitive answers to any of these questions. Which is largely responsible for its longevity and power.

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By way of analogy, think of this question in Hamlet: Is Hamlet insane, or merely pretending to be insane

Hamet is sane becuz in the whole book hamlet was pretendin..