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- August 2009

"Introduced recently by a friend, we've now tried three of your dishes and have been delighted with them all. Once a keen cook, now disabled, it's a pleasure to be able to put lovely meals on the table without watching my husband spending his precious time off 'slaving over a hot stove"

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Keen cook Rebecca Hughes decided to start the Doggy Love Bakery, especially for dogs

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Yes, I have always been a very keen cook and I am a very keen gardener so I always have a glut of fruits and vegetables that need to be turned into recipes.

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Freshly Blaked: Ms Lively is a keen cook, a pastime that came to light when she collaborated with cupcake chain Sprinkles last year on a limited-edition charity flavor

The 23-year-old Stanmore Bay mother of one is taking on a challenge that would intimidate any keen cook – 365 different recipes in 365 days.
Sophie Sparkes is a data analyst on the Tableau Public team. She loves making data accessible, and hopefully even beautiful sometimes. When she’s not playing with data, you can find her drinking tea and Googling recipes—she’s a keen cook and a complete chocoholic!If you are a keen cook and like sharing your recipes you may have wondered how to start a food blog before. It’s a great way to share your love for cooking with others, document and improve your skills over time, help readers find the perfect recipes and even earn money along the way. About two years ago, when Gary came back to Upper Hutt from the University of Malaya, he introduced me to someone who had become very special in his life - his wife Anna. They got married in Malaysia and when they moved to their house in Upper Hutt, Gary got her interested in gardening - growing their own vegetables as well as beautiful flowers - roses were one of Gary's passions. Gary had been a keen gardener in Australia - and he was very happy when Anna took up gardening with him. Gary also greatly enjoyed Anna's wonderful Vietnamese cooking - sometimes with vegetables fresh out of their garden. I must admit - Gary was also a keen cook - but the times when I visited them for a meal I always hoped Anna was going to be the chef of the day! He is a keen cook (his wife would use the word ‘messy’ but that’s another story) and is the inventor of Squeaky Cheese Curry. He particularly loves food from South East Asia and is on a life-long quest to create the perfect satay sauce. His food blog is at and has recipes.
If you are already a keen cook you won't find  too difficult, it is mainly a case of avoiding cross contamination.

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KS: I cook with all my nephews. The middle one, Cole, is 13 and he’s always been a keen cook. We’ve done everything from salad dressing to teaching him knife skills, and up through homemade pasta, homemade filled pasta. He invited a bunch of friends over to try it and he was so proud!

Rafa Nadal is a keen cook and posted this image of himself making dinner before his Wimbledon defeat

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Mary’s best friend, Sue, is a fellow social worker and a keen cook. Mary has asked her to take charge of all the cooking for Indie Mo’s party. Sue’s devotion to her friends will be expressed in the twenty-odd dishes she is planning for the party, but she is also rising to the challenge of a completely new ingredient.

The 23-year-old Stanmore Bay mother of one is taking on a challenge that would intimidate any keen cook – 365 different recipes in 365 days.

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ARIA award-winning musician Josh Pyke has been a keen cook since his teens. In his downtime, he cooks Asian-themed meals and polishes his home-brew technique.