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This part of the project is very similar to the Letter to the Reader assignment you did earlier in the semester. Your 500-word blog post should address the following questions:
What kinds of decisions did you have to make when planning your argument and your essay?
What was your research process for the essay?
How did you modify the content, structure, rhetorical appeals, format, style, and tone of your argument to accommodate your purpose?
What was the hardest part of the project and how did you work through that difficulty?

Letter to the Reader - WorldLink Reader

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It is thus likely that such a prominent and powerful noble family could have viewed Cavalli's Eliogabalo, with its allusion to sexuality, prostitution and politics, as morally and politically daring, indeed subversive. The Grimanis presumably decided to censor it and ordered the librettist to make substantial changes (as mentioned in the "letter to the reader"). Cavalli may have considered these changes too burdensome. An aging man and prominent figure in Venetian musical life, the composer might not have wanted to bow to such last-minute demands, after having already completed the entire score to the original libretto. In showing conflictual aspirations — artistic vs. political ones — the case of the two Eliogabalos provides a unique window into the uneasy relationships among musicians, librettists, and opera patrons in seventeenth-century Venice.

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A “one size fits all” approach to job seeking does not work. There is no quick fix to getting a new job and a generic cover letter will be spotted from a mile away! The key to cover letter writing is to individualize the cover letter to the reader and make sure that they know that your letter has been written for their specific job. A targeted cover letter can help open doors and portray that professional image.

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Raad’s Another Letter to the Reader is inspired by the story of a controversial political figure in the modern Turkish history; Enver Pasha. As a reformist, Enver was a member of the Young Turks movement. It is told that when he served as the Minister of Defense during World War I, he ordered for hundreds of Iznik motifs to be stored in order to protect them from potential damages. Departing from this research, the work is cleverly installed in Istanbul’s Kasa Gallery located in Minerva Han in the late-Ottoman financial district hence the street name – the Bank Street (Bankalar Caddesi in Turkish). The vault is situated in the basement of this 20th century building, which previously served as the Bank of Athens and now is a university hub that the gallery is a part of. Featuring staged compositions in three rooms, the installation initially greets the visitor first with laser cut boxes – stacked on top of each other in the entrance, and then invites one to wander around a large wooden shipping crate, centrally located in the middle room. It feels like a forgotten storage unit inside. The final room is also full of boxes, but this time, the feel is more like an archive. On the boxes and the crate, there are cut out motifs, enlarged from their original sizes. The absence of color becomes a cognitive threshold; some can recognize the original designs, while others might not.

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A recent letter to The Reader’s Voice [“Shuddering at examples of GOP values,” Dec. 3] should make all patriotic Americans shudder to think that there may be more people like John.

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("Dear Mr." or "Dear Ms." followed by the person's last name.) Avoid using "To Whom it may concern". This sounds like you didn't do your research or you are using the same standard letter for every employer. Personalize your cover letter to the reader!