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Life in a big city is not dull and drab because there are count­less means of recreation there. The picture halls, theaters, the beautifully illuminated markets, the well furnished and well maintained hotels and restaurants, the charming parks and gardens and the good looking and heart captivating towns of new styled buildings give immense pleasure to everybody living in a big city. From time to time exhibitions conferences, functions, seminars, symposia, sports meet and test matches are held in big cities which lead color and variety to the city life.

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Dea Loher's play describes life in a big city where everyone is lonely and yet all keep an eye on one another. But when a husband and wife see something like a black swan on the plaza, the fateful end of a father's search for his son announces itself".


Although Yasin was not happy about leaving Iraq, he soon settled into his new life in a big city called London. London was very exciting with its tall buildings and museums, and Yasin especially liked the London Planetarium and the big River Thames with all of its old bridges.

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The upper middle class people like medical practitioners, advocates, Chartered Accountants, Business consultants, Scientists, higher echelons in the field of education and research and small scale entrepreneurs including people working in the burgeoning media enjoy life in a big city. They enjoy the opportunities and aspire to be at par with the rich some day. They too establish their contacts in a big way-the bourgeois in the Communist lexicon.India is primarily a land of villages. The real India can be seen in villages and not in cities, much less in big cities. Two or three decades ago, life in a big city like Delhi, Allahabad, Bombay or Calcutta was a happy one and those persons who lived in villages always yearned for city life. But now the conditions of living in cities or big cities have deteriorated so much that one would like to go to any ordinary village if he or she could have some income and the same work. The reason of this deterioration is the rising prices of commodities of daily life. During the last one or two decades the villagers have shifted from their village homes to cities and have settled down there. Consequently, the population of cities has multiplied and they are overcrowded. The problem of housing has become acute in cities.
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Life in a big city has many disadvantages too and particularly in the modern India. The remark of the English poet Cowpen, "God made the country and man made the town" is very apt. Life in a big city is artificial and sophisticated because man is divorced from nature. He lives, grows and dies in the lap of artificial agents and machines. He does not come to know how a waterfall dances, how a river glides smoothly, how the cow-hird drive his catties and how the Nature herself nourishes her countless children through various agencies. In a big city, man is cut off nursing, educative and for­mative aspects of Nature.

Life in a big city is full of fun and frolic, full of hazards and full of drudgery too

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"One Of Three"
Written by Angela Johnson
Illustrated by David Soman
(Orchard Books, 1991)

The narrator is one of three -- the youngest of three sisters, growing up together in an urban apartment (presumably in New York City). The first half of the book shows the three sisters doing everything together, often with the rest of their family: going to school, walking home, riding the subway or taking a cab. Midway through, though, her older sisters ditch her, telling her to stay home while they go out and do big girl stuff. The youngest child sits, crestfallen, on the floor until mom and dad come to cheer her up, and then she's one of three again: a little girl with her two parents. A positive, cheerful, delightfully detailed kid's-eye view of modern life in a big city... nice!(B)

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Life in a big city is full of fun and frolic, full of hazards and full of drudgery too. For many it is rather a hell. The people living on the sea beaches in Mumbai and Chennai, in the palatial buildings in Anna Salai or in the posh South Delhi area enjoy all the facilities for they are rich. They have their own means of transport. The bungalows or the palatial flats have all the facilities of electric appliances, computerized systems, and latest gadgets for the housewife and electronic toys for the children. They control big industries and business houses. They have the satisfaction of controlling the fate of thousands of people working in their establishments.