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Written by Kurt Busiek, illustrated by Brent Anderson, and with covers by Alex Ross, Astro City: Life in the Big City collects the six issue limited series what introduced Busiek’s world. It was well-received by fans and critics and this collection won an Eisner and Harvey award for Best New Series with issues #1 and #4 receiving particularly noted and awarded.

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Moving away from home and adjusting to life in the big city can be a challenge. The key is to not let the stress overwhelm you. Take time out to explore the new area and don’t be afraid to. Take care of yourself physically by getting enough exercise and sleep. You would be surprised how much healthy habits are linked with regulating stress.

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SUPER-DAGLIGDAG. “Astro City – Life in the Big city” er det første bind i serien om Astro City. Det er bindet der grundlægger den pudsige dagligdags-vinkel, som er blevet så kendt og afholdt i serien.

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Life in the big city is face-paced, fun and exciting. There are countless job opportunities and activities to occupy your time. However, with the good, also comes the bad. After living a big city for eight years, I experienced both the advantages and disadvantages of big city life. For me, towards the end, the disadvantages were out weighing the advantages.Astro City: Life in the Big City is a great collection and addition to the library of anyone who really loves comics. It is really for the comic book reader who will see the clichés and standard superhero references made by Busiek and recognize how even clichés can become something new if explored correctly. Astro City: Life in the Big City is followed by .According to a recent by Nielsen, Millennials are much more comfortable with life in the big city than in the suburbs, and with public transportation versus the family car. They’d rather visit small shops and cafes than hit the shopping mall and food court. They’re also heavy users of technology, especially mobile technology, which many of them have been exposed to their entire lives. In fact, according to a second Nielsen , Millennials are the largest group of smartphone users, with more than 85 percent of them regularly turning to their touchscreens for social networking, entertainment and communication.You’ve got your car loaded with your stuff. You’re trading four stoplights for 40,000. Whether you’re traveling 250 miles or 2,500 miles, leaving the comfort of your hometown for life in the big city can be stressful. If you are going from small town bonfires to big city lights, here are some helpful tips from someone who has made the big move more than once:WILL EISNER'S NEW YORK: LIFE IN THE BIG CITY (2006) collects four of Will Eisner's previous graphic novels featuring tales from the Big Apple: , its sequel , , and .She’s part of a group that organizations such as the Cedar Rapids Metro Economic Alliance are trying to recruit — Iowans who left for life in the big city but who might be persuaded to come back.
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, goes the popular adage. While that may be true when considering the likelihood of a car plowing into a group of cyclists, when it comes to life in the big city, living among the masses isn’t going to save you from the Bogeyman.

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In his New York Life in the Big City graphic novel, he gives the city’s underbelly a poetic quality, and my guess is that his inclination to bring dignity to the ugly things influenced his decision to tackle The Princess and the Frog.