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Lineage Poem by Richard Lamoureux

The Longmen "Lineage Poem": A Translation

The transmission of Dao Dan Pai from one teacher to the next is documentedby the Lineage Poem (bei fen shi). Each teacher’s generation is representedby one word of the poem, and each teacher takes his/her Daoist surname fromthe word that corresponds to that generation’s level of transmission. Inthis tradition, the first word/name of the Dao Dan Pai Lineage Poem is Xuan,meaning the dark or the hidden. It makes sense to assign such a name to PrinceLi, as he had to remain in hiding from the next Imperial family. His studentscultivated the practices that Ancestor Lu had taught Li ShaoYan, transmittingthem from one generation to the next over the next ten centuries.

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Lineage Poem 5.
Lineage Poem 4.

Lineage poem of the Caodong branch of Chan Buddhism.

Lineage Poem 3.

A Translation of the Longmen "Lineage Poem"

The most famous “lineage poem” in Taoism is the one of the Longmen (Dragon ..

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