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“I couldn’t wait for it to be finished, and I’m happy because my favorite sport is soccer; now we won’t have to play in the street. Thank you for thinking of us children,” says Yordi with a grin.

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• My favorite sport is soccer because you have to play hard. - Laura McCalment, grade 4

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What do you enjoy doing for fun? My favorite sport is soccer, but I am from Texas, so I, of course, enjoy football as well. I am a season ticket holder for FC Dallas, so on weekends, you can often find me making the trek to Frisco to watch our home team play. I enjoy just about any live sporting event. My wife and I enjoy eating out, spending time with friends, and we also love to travel.

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When I am not bowling, I am running my proshop in the UK. I'm a casual golfer and a big sports fan. I have not quite got into all of the American sports but I'm sure I will soon. My favorite sport is soccer and favorite team is Manchester United.

my favorite sport is soccer
• My favorite sport is soccer because when you have that moment when you kick the ball and score a goal. - Emily Yohe, grade 5

My favorite sport is the soccer.

My name is Lucas Armando Capriel Cortez. I am 15 years old. I was born on April 23, 1999. I am from the village of Panacal, Rabinal department, Baja Verapaz, Guatemala. I am in the second year of the national secondary school distance learning program, located in the village of Ceiba. My favorite sport is soccer, but also I spend my time studying.

Just now I am having troubled with physics and education technology (in which we are taught accounting.) However, the support tutor is helping me to understand these subjects.

I have 6 brothers and 3 sisters. I am our family's youngest child. I live with my mother in order to help support her.

My father died 2 years ago. Since then I've been helping my mother financially. We sell firewood, which we gather in a place that is requires two hours of travel on foot. We sell our firewood to neighbors. Unfortunately, because we have to carry the wood from so far off, on each trip we can't haul very much. We also have a kitchen garden that provides radishes, onions and cilantro. This year, because of bad weather, we weren't able to plant any corn. There was no rain. In truth, we are not sure how we are going to get through the coming year without any corn to eat.

But my main worry concerns the house in which we live. Over the past two years it has begun to fall apart. We are afraid that one day it will collapse on us. In addition, my mother had to have an operation to remove cysts, and so she cannot work as hard as she did before the surgery.

In the midst of our situation, I am struggling so that one day we can have a better house. I want to work hard to improve my life.

I am grateful for the help that I have received from ADIVIMA and the Unitarian churches. This support has really helped me to get closer to my goal each year. I hope that in coming years the support will continue, because I want to continue my studies.

Warm regards to all the members of the church.

• My Favorite Sport is soccer

my favorite sport is soccer soccer is the best sport

Hi! My name is Isaiah. I was born in France and am seven years old. Since I was born, I have traveled all around the world because my mom is a military nurse. Right now I live in New York City. My favorite sport is soccer. Since I am in the NOK Rocker band, I also play the saxophone, which is the coolest instrument to play. I met Zoe last year at a school health fair, and she picked me to be the first NOK Rocker. Then, I asked my friends Saranna and James to help me. I bet you have never heard of this knock knock joke:

my favorite sport is soccer

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Hi again. So I wanted us to get to know each other better so here is all about me! My favorite colors are pink because it’s bubbly , yellow because it symbolises sunshine, and blue because it is natures color of the sky in that order, because they’re all really pretty colors. My favorite sport is soccer because the ball looks like a zebra. My favorite food is dragon fruit. I love watching youtube, some of my favorite channels are (pixie chick xoxo)-Elizabeth Faaborg, (nigahiga)-Ryan higa, and( jam productions)-Jessica moore. When I grow up i am going to be a makeup artist. I am currently hair & makeup for a youtube tv show called Melview Middle School. I also play one of the main characters (Nichole Sullivan) on the show,and love acting with my co-stars (Maddie Woodsen) Breanna Foreman, (Nick Riles) Dominick Mckown, (Jamie Paterson) Jessica Moore, (Mel Andrews) Angelina Medina ,and many great others that you will see in the show premiering soon! here is a special code to watch the show when it comes out make sure that you share this code with friends and family. The code is :Jamproductions Hi. when it comes out you can watch it any time and get updates on the show. By subscribing to the channel. I also write books my new one is called la bella and will be day beiwing very soon.