“It’s like my first day in America.”

People on the bus said, “Ah, what a shame, who’d do that to a dog?” Bad parents we were and we looked down at the floor. When we got to the terminal and retrieved our dog I rushed him outside so he could find a tree. By the only one nearby stood a Chicago policeman, gun at his hip. I had images of going to jail on my first day in America so I was fortunate that Bailey was too tired or confused and stayed close to me.

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My name is Lay Bay Paw. I was born in Burma, but in 1997 my family moved to a Thai refugee camp. I came to America in 2011. While growing up, I didn't think that I would have the opportunity to be successful in life. My parents didn't receive any education when they were young. Likewise, I also did not receive a formal education when I was in a refugee camp. Coming to America gave me hope and opportunity. I value my education more than ever before, hoping that one day I will grow up to be successful in life. There were many obstacles and challenges that I faced while growing up. My first day in America was so hard for me, because everything was new. But I have had a lot of opportunities for me to try hard. These opportunities have truly helped me overcome the struggles and have prepared me to succeed in college and life. Education is very powerful in today's world, because it can provide great opportunities that will help me to succeed in my future. So I want to go to college to complete my bachelor's degree and become a math teacher and after that I want to educate my poor Karen people. I never thought that I would have the opportunities to be successful in life, because I grew up in small village without good opportunities. I have realized that we cannot take things in life for granted. I have faced a lot of challenges but I lose no hope as I continue to strengthen myself from my difficulties. I will grow and work harder to reach my ultimate goal, which is to become a math teacher.

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I am beginning my first day in America at a Ramada Suites outside of Atlanta, GA, where after last-minute flight cancellations I slept, looked at jobs, and re-watched episodes of Hannibal, season 1. All of these things I do absent-minded.

My new hobby is to pretend that everyday occurrences and interactions are completely foreign to me. Like every day is my first day in America.
December 15, 1983, is a date indelibly etched in my memory. I was eight years old, it was my first day in America, and I was crossing the Delaware River into Philadelphia. On that chilly, cloudless evening, I caught my first glimpse of downtown Philadelphia, impressed by the cavalcade of lights radiating from its imposing skyscrapers jutting high into the sky. We were a motley crew—me, my two younger siblings, my father, and my mother, who was nine months pregnant with my sister, born a week later.I have done so many new things with my host family. My first day in America was in St. Louis with the whole family and we ate at Steak N´ Shake, which is such a good typical American diner! My first event in America was the state fair and going to watch my first race and also my first tractor ride. At the lake was my first time waterskiing and my first time riding jet skis. My first school day was awesome and I met so many great people. I also enjoyed the first time going shopping alone with both of my host sisters (Jessie and Kelsie) in the huge American mall, the first football game with Kelsie, the first time having a family day at the magic house, the first time going hunting, the first time washing my own clothes, the first time going to an American family reunion and riding four wheelers. I loved also getting all this American food and liking it so much that you can’t stop eating, especially when your family knows what you like!
My first day in america

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"With a lot of hard work, my dream to live in the United States has come true. My first day in America was unbelievable, it seemed like a dream. Everything was different — people, places and environment. But that's why I chose to come to America, to explore and experience the differences for myself."

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My first day in America, the land of unlimited opportunity, was characterized bymany curiosities. My English was pretty good and I felt equal to the task, butat first I was a bit slow on the uptake. By no means were my translationsperfect. Yet, I decided to take the plunge and go shopping at a supermarket. Thenumbers on the little price tags seemed low indeed. Thus I figured that there Icould get everything for a song.

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I remember it like it was yesterday; my first day in America

My first day in America, the land of unlimited opportunity, was characterized bymany curiosities. I spoke pretty good English and I was heavy on wire, but atfirst I was slow with concepts. By no means were my translations the yolk of theegg. Yet, I decided to bite into the sour apple and go shopping at asupermarket. The numbers on the little price tags seemed low indeed. So Ithought that there I could get everything for an apple and an egg.