That is simply how my school life is.

In the summer of 1818 I went to 's great school in Shrewsbury [pronounced SHRŌZ-burr-ee], and remained there for seven years till Midsummer 1825, when I was sixteen years old. I boarded at this school, so that I had the great advantage of living the life of a true schoolboy; but as the distance was hardly more than a mile to my home ["," an imposing Georgian residence sited on a 100-foot-high eminence overlooking the Severn River], I very often ran there in the longer intervals between the callings over and before locking up at night. This, I think, was in many ways advantageous to me by keeping up home affections and interests. I remember in the early part of my school life that I often had to run very quickly to be in time, and from being a fleet runner was generally successful; but when in doubt I prayed earnestly to God to help me, and I well remember that I attributed my success to the prayers and not to my quick running, and marvelled how generally I was aided.

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This may sound corny, but this app has changed my school life and I've never been so organized!

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My school life started with kindergarten in a small town with approximately 5.000 citizens
My parents like to live near the nature, and are both active hunters. So i wen’t to a little school where most of my classmates where farmers.

I would like to tell you a few words about my school life

School has impacted my life to a huge extent providing experiences to cope with the real-life problems, understand the basic requirements, develop and improve my skills, and motivated through different classroom activities. My teachers created certain situations in the classroom in which we performed different activities based on the themes provided by them. These activities had helped build my vision how to tackle different scenarios and how different alternatives can be created and best chosen in a given situation. I was provided with huge opportunities during my school life. We played different games to encourage creativity in us. I was tested through regular assignments that were also beneficial throughout my educational period. My teachers encouraged me to engage in creative activities, enjoy the experiences at school and, with their help; I developed a broader spectrum of activities. At school, I improved my communication skills, enhanced clarity and precision. The ideas given by me during studies were welcomed by the teachers and the school regularly took my feedback to assess the development of my skills and abilities. I can safely articulate that my school experience has broadened my vision, built my skills, and influenced my life chances and choices.

I feel it’s like years ago, but the funny thing is, I feel my high school life was more recent.
My name is Elena and I'm a pupil of the 10th form. I study at school number 22. I would like to tell you a few words about my school life.

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Reminiscing the past makes me missed my high school life. It cannot be compared and surpassed by any other experiences. What makes it significant to my life is that it creates and nourishes my growth through having fun and excitement. It contributed a lot to make me feel the essence of life, the real joy, and the self-satisfaction.

Thanks for going through it. These are some beautiful memories of my school life. I miss those days. Thanks again for being here, take care

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Early in my school days a boy had a copy of the '[Hundred] Wonders of the World[, and of the Three Kingdoms of Nature', by ], which I often read, and disputed with other boys about the veracity of some of the statements; and I believe that this book first gave me a wish to travel in remote countries, which was ultimately fulfilled by the . In the latter part of my school life I became passionately fond of shooting; I do not believe that any one could have shown more zeal for the most holy cause than I did for shooting birds. How well I remember killing my first , and my excitement was so great that I had much difficulty in reloading my gun from the trembling of my hands. This taste long continued, and I became a very good shot. When at I used to practise throwing up my gun to my shoulder before a looking-glass to see that I threw it up straight. Another and better plan was to get a friend to wave about a lighted candle, and then to fire at it with a cap on the nipple, and if the aim was accurate the little puff of air would blow out the candle. The explosion of the cap caused a sharp crack, and I was told that the tutor of the college remarked,

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In the paper I have strived to describe briefly my autobiography related to some special areas. These areas include the experience I had in my school life and how education has influenced my life chances and choices. I have narrated my experiences that gave me message to be cautious or take risk in a particular situation. At the end I have mentioned the goals set for me by my parents and also the dreams I used to have during young age.