Tile view comes with the new myucdavis for faculty and staff..

However, the old site will stay available while the myucdavis team continues to move important features and functions to the new site, and this process isn't complete yet. For example, a new "Contracts and Grants" tile will be released this month, with a "DaFIS Information" tile following soon after.

MyUCDavis - University of California, Davis

Everyone is encouraged to leave comments and suggestions on the myucdavis feedback tab at any time.

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UC Davis colleges, schools, and departments use the UC Davis web portal myucdavis to communicate with UC Davis students. Information is organized into "tiles" or blocks of related content. Tiles are usually organized by theme or department. There is a standard "view" of myucdavis - how myucdavis looks to everyone. In addition, each student can create a custom view, called MyView, to organize myucdavis content to their liking.

MyUCDavis Web Portal - University of California, Davis

Student Housing uses myucdavis as the entry point to housing-related web applications, to post contracts-related announcements, and to share links to important Housing-related websites and resources. The Student Housing tile is called MyHousing.

For questions about the new myucdavis email the IT Express Service Desk at .
Myucdavis consolidates many UC Davis web applications and online services into one location. Its mobile-friendly layout displays the tools in tiles. Students, faculty and staff each see different versions of the site, and individuals can customize their displays. Read more in this posted in the .In this workshop, I will quickly introduce the MyUCDavis Website Builder tool. For a more comprehensive and illustrated step-by-step tutorial, visit the Instructional Design Studio page created by the . To use MyUCDavis email:
1. Go to and login with your UCD LoginID and Kerberos password. (If you need help with this, contact the IT Express Computing Help desk at 754-HELP (4-4357).
2. Once logged into MyUCDavis, click on the email icon at the top or navigate to My Tools —>Email to immediately gain access to your inbox.
3. Once in Email, you have the same main options available to you in most other email programs. You can compose, send, and reply to messages; set up folders to organize your messages; set up and maintain your address book; and configure the program with options such as adding a signature to all your outgoing messages. If you need help using any of the features in MyUCDavis email, contact IT Express at 754-HELP (4-4357). MyUCDavis (formerly known as Project Gateway) will integrate existing UC Davis online applications together with new services into one convenient Web portal, a site that functions like a doorway to many other sites and that each visitor can personalize to reflect his or her interests and needs (see ).Wouldn't it be great to have just one place where we could manage all of our UC Davis-related business, communications, and coursework? Well, the wait is almost over. By this fall, UC Davis faculty and students will have their own, custom-made Web portal called MyUCDavis. Plans to create a portal for staff are also on the drawing board.One other campus in the UC system--UCLA--provides a similar service. Beyond what it can do for the individual, a customized portal site such as MyUCDavis can help the campus reach out to prospective students and can be the impetus for building a new kind of "community." MyUCDavis also has the potential to be a real competitive plus for our campus. For instance, it could help market the campus to prospective students and further illustrate UC Davis' commitment to its students and faculty.
The old myucdavis website for faculty and staff will be available for a while longer.

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In the winter and spring, additional campus outreach will be conducted to explore which additional features and functions should be added for faculty and staff. Everyone is encouraged to leave comments and suggestions on the myucdavis feedback tab at any time.

What are some specific ways MyUCDavis has benefited from this kind of student work?

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Students living in Student Housing should become familiar with myucdavis and with the MyHousing tile. You are able to customize the site to best suit your needs. Student Housing highly encourages you to add MyHousing to your MyView page so you can easily access important Student Housing information. And please consider giving the MyHousing tile an "Aggie Up" so others will learn about the MyHousing tile too.

The new mobile friendly myucdavis features a “tile” layout, providing easy access to the user’s favorite tools. There are two “views”:

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You can download the entire collection of output styles containing more than 3,600 bibliographic styles for a wide variety of disciplines. As of mid-February 2010, the modified version of Endnote X3 was made available from the containing all 3,600 output styles. Use your Kerberos username and password to login to MyUCDavis. EndNote can be found under UCD Resources | Software | Library.