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Not knowing that he, himself, had been the killer, Oedius collected all possible information. Soon, he discovered from the servant that he had not placed the infant Oedipus on the mountainside to die, but had given him to King Polybus. The horrible truth was now known. Queen Jocasta hung herself, and Oedipus blinded himself with a pin.

Why does Oedipus blind himself? Is it a metaphor for goingmad?

Oedipus confronts blind Teiresius

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Oedipus was blind in more then one way. He was blind to the truth about his own life. Oedipus had no idea that his real parents were Laius and Jocasta. He was so blind that he got mad at anyone who was foolish enough to suggest such an idea. As more and more of the story started to fall into place, Oedipus was forced to open his eyes to the truth. Oedipus did kill his father and marry his mother. Oedipus was the person causing the bad times in Thebes. As soon as Oedipus knew and accepted the truth, he blinded himself. Just as Teiresias was blind and open to the truth, so was Oedipus.

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Many believe that Oedipus blinded himself solely because he felt he had to hurt himself for unknowingly being with his mother and having with her. It is one of the most touching scenes of any story ever told because it is both shocking and revealing of the human condition. It is a classic part that needs to be understood by everyone who reads the book or watches the play because it really does make you think about your own life.First of all, blinding was done for a reason because Oedipus has been blind to the reality of his life since he was a child. This was a great way to bring the whole story together and really make the whole thing make sense to the reader or the viewer. This type of action gives us a better feel for the real tragedy of the whole thing. Feeling Oedipus’ pain when he blinds himself makes you quickly think of everything that he was blind to throughout the story.

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Oedipus the Blind KingBlindness can be both a physical handicap and an emotional problem that can lead to ones down fall. ... The first demonstration of Oedipus' blindness to the truth comes when he denounces the murderer of the king. ... This shows Oedipus' blindness in the sense of in his inability to see the truth. ... Yet, Oedipus appears blind to Teiresias' hints. ... Oedipus faces blindness when he confronts with his past. ...

Oedipus confronts blind Teiresius

Why does Oedipus blind himself in 'Oedipus Rex'

Throughout the play Oedipus the King the theme of blindness can be seen. ... Tiresias" physical blindness is used to accentuate Oedipus" blindness to the truth of his past, and present. ... Oedipus, however, has physical sight yet is blind to the truth of his life. ... No longer able to deny the validity of Tiresias" accusations, Oedipus blinds himself with the pins that had held up Jocasta"s robes. The significance of Oedipus blinding himself in the end is great. ...

This sort of thinking is what keeps Oedipus blind to the swirling truth around him

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He who delights in signs ...
In the archaic legend of Oedipus, Tiresias is introduced as themost renowned Seer in the whole of Greece. We are told that he wasvery old, he was blind, and could foretell the future because he"could understand the language of birds."It is Tiresias who reveals to Oedipus the truth of his "hidden"crimes. It is Tiresias who makes Oedipus conscious of what has beenonly known unconsciously. At first Tiresias resists divulging thissecret knowledge, but Oedipus forces him to do so. Tiresias knowsthat the conscious mind of Oedipus cannot tolerate such truth. Itcan only drive him to madness.And so, Oedipus the rationalist, face to face with the images ofhis past that should have remained forgotten, blinds himself—and isbanished from the City of Thebes and the comforts of civilisationforever, to be an outcast and a wanderer.Why does Oedipus blind himself? Is it a metaphor for goingmad?At the moment Oedipus blinds himself he is of course mad—but ishe not in some unconscious way expressing his frustration and angerat not being equal to the power of Tiresias? Is he not showing,unconsciously, his desire to be identical to Tiresias? At thismoment especially, would Oedipus not have preferred to have been atsome time initiated into the Hermetic powers of Tiresias, towithstand the knowledge that can only otherwise drive him tomadness? What is the hidden meaning in this relationship, thissadomasochistic love between Oedipus and Tiresias, the twoBlindmen?