Over the past two decades, the United States has _____

Over the past two decades, the number of women overall in the paid workforce has fallen from 52 to 50 per cent. But some countries have fared better than others.

UK Wages Over the Past Four Decades - 2014 - ONS

Rollercoaster: How house prices have fared over the past decade on the Nationwide index

UK Wages Over the Past Four Decades

Our study has several limitations. First of all, we rely on dengue notifications that are subject to reporting bias. Increasing notifications over the past decades due to increasing awareness of dengue could have led to an overestimation of increasing trends in dengue incidence. Second, we only focused on three putative drivers. We did not deem it necessary to include studying vector densities as a predictive factor because of the documented low and even decreasing vector indices in Singapore[]. We therefore also did not include changing patterns in vector control measures over the past 40 years. However, serotypes and co-circulation of multiple serotypes would have been a parameter that theoretically could be an independent and significant predictive factor for dengue incidence. But we were not able to include co-circulation or new introductions of serotypes due to the lack of such information over our historically long time span of 40 years. Similarly, other variables that were not taken into account in our modeling efforts could bias the estimates from this study. However, the relatively high explanatory degree of the models, and the plausibility of the mechanisms related to the variables studied support the validity and importance of our findings. Third, collinear variables represent an important source of instability in parameter estimation when they enter simultaneously in the regression model. Climate variables are well known for being potentially collinear. Therefore, we entertained models that have as input climate variables in their original formulation or, alternatively, as orthogonal scores obtained from a principal components analysis.

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Singapore is an island-city-state in South East Asia that has been dengue endemic for half a century with a well-documented increase in the magnitude of epidemics over the past two decades despite strong political will and sufficient resources for stringent vector control measures [–]. The rapid urbanization in Singapore has resulted in doubling of the population over the past two decades. Monthly mean temperature has increased by at least 0.5 Degrees[]. Singapore has also seen a major increase in international arrivals including arrivals from dengue endemic countries. Serving about 100 international airlines flying to and from some 250 cities in 60 countries and territories worldwide, Changi Airport handles about 6,500 flights every week and over 50 million passengers a year ().

Trade and investment ties between China and Africa have seen a rapid rise over the past decade
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How has international politics changed over the past decades?

Iran is a fanatical, hegemonic, hate-filled regime. If you think its radicalism is going to be softened by a few opportunities, you really haven't been paying attention to the Middle East over the past four decades.

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How have women changed over the past few decades?

Radical right parties have succeeded invarious countries inWestern Europe in gaining substantial electoral support for theiranti-immigration positions. The electoral success of radical rightpartiesvaries nationally, but on average the vote-share has been increasingover thepast decades to about 10 percent and there is no sign that this trendisreversing. Linked up with this success, immigration issues have gainedsaliencyin many Western European countries, which implies growing pressure onmainstreamparties to reconsider their policy agendas with respect to the keyissues ofradical right parties. The central question of this article is: To whatextentand in what ways have mainstream parties changed positions onimmigration andintegration issues under pressure from the electoral success of radicalrightparties? Systematic research taking account of the dynamics ofcompetition atthe right and left sides of the political spectrumis still scarce. Apart from widening the scope, the objective of thisarticleis to bring more refinement into the analyses of the dynamics ofprogrammaticcompetition between parties in this policy field. Parties no

UK Wages Over the Past Four Decades, 2014 - ONS

declined for a third of American children over the past few decades

“Mens rea is a critical issue that must be addressed as Congress examines and puts forth serious criminal justice reform legislation,” said Crime Subcommittee Chairman Sensenbrenner on the introduction of this bill. “Aggressive over-criminalization in this country over the past three decades has left us with a bloated criminal code that makes honest Americans and small businesses vulnerable to the legal repercussions of unintentional violations. Reform is necessary to improve our current standards, reduce our overbearing criminal code, and protect the freedoms of hardworking American citizens.”