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That offers a huge opportunity for rich countries and their workers to win back some of the industries and activities they have lost over the past few decades. Paradoxically, the narrowing wage gap increases the pressure on politicians. With labour-cost differentials narrowing rapidly, it is no longer possible to point at rock-bottom wages in emerging markets as the reason why the rich world is losing out. Developed countries will have to compete hard on factors beyond labour costs. The most important of these are world-class skills and training, along with flexibility and motivation of workers, extensive clusters of suppliers and sensible regulation.

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Answer to Over the past few decades, East Asian economies have increased their share of world GDP

Over the past few decades, a sizable industry has arisen to

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Over the past few decades, the cost structure of manufacturing

Over the past few decades, more and more countries have opened up the markets, increasingly transforming the world economy into one free-flowing global ...

NEW YORK () -- Over the past few decades,  of attending college in the United States has increased faster than the rate of inflation.
title = {Over the past few decades, the availability and capability of Off-Highway Vehicles (OHV’s},

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The only wild and self-sustaining population of whooping cranes migrates through the Central Flyway of North America, traveling between wintering grounds along the Gulf Coast of Texas and breeding grounds in Canada. Over the past few decades, growth of this population has been positive and steady, but with only approximately 300 individuals, recovery remains tenuous. In an effort to recognize and quantify potential barriers to recovery, USGS and other project partners have captured 57 cranes and marked them with Platform Transmitting Terminals with GPS capabilities. These transmitters use a satellite uplink and acquire multiple GPS locations per day over several years. The precision of the GPS data allows researchers to discover where birds reside during the breeding season in Canada, during the winter season in coastal Texas and other previously unknown areas, and at hundreds of stopover sites on public and private lands during migrations each spring and fall. Analysis of these data will provide reliable scientific information to assist the Canadian Wildlife Service and USFWS in future management and recovery efforts for this species.

Over the past few decades the Whispering Palms Apartments earned the moniker 'Crack Towers' because high rates of drug crime and decay.

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2. The agricultural resources and the technology needed to feed growing populations are available. Much has been achieved over the past few decades. Agriculture does not lack resources; it lacks policies to ensure that the food is produced where it is needed and in a manner that sustains the livelihoods of the rural poor. He can meet this challenge by building on our achievements and devising new strategies for sustaining food and livelihood security.

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107. The agricultural systems that have been built up over the past few decades have contributed greatly to the alleviation of hunger and the raising of living standards. They have served their purposes up to a point. But they were built for the purposes of a smaller, more fragmented world. New realities reveal their inherent contradictions. These realities require agricultural systems that focus as much attention on people as they do on technology, as much on resources as on production, as much on the long term as on the short term. Only such systems can meet the challenge of the future.