Central Jerseyans have a passion for animals and they're not alone.

If you want to be a success at owning or running your own pet care business, you want to find your deepest passion for animals. Every client and every pet knows your love and value if you are willing to show it.

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It’s your passion for animals that will see you through these hurdles.

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On Thursday, the 90-year-old actress visits the Smithsonian Associates, an educational division of the museum complex, to discuss her career and longtime passion for animals. She will be signing copies of her book, "Betty and Friends: My Life at the Zoo."

"From a young age, I have always had a passion for animals

Anderson was at Sunway Lagoon’s Wild Life Park recently to talk about the new season of America the Wild and also of his passion for animals where he waxed lyrical about an albino Burmese python, a small-toothed palm civet, an eagle owl and a slow loris brought out by the park rangers.

But our passion for animals go far beyond the beloved animals we welcome into our homes and make members of our families.
We share in your passion for animals andappreciate the hours and efforts you take to fundraise – whether it’s through servingas a Team Captain, holding a fundraiser, going door to door, or all of theabove! These gifts are just small tokensof our thanks for all that you do. I combine my art with my passion for animals by taking regular field trips out to places that inspire me with ideas. I like to take plenty of photos of animals in their natural surroundings. I also like to read books and study artwork of past and modern masters to gain an understanding of how animals can be portrayed correctly in art.My passion for animals has always been with me. I grew up on a small hobby farm which was surrounded by other farms with animals, and the farm itself housed chickens, birds, pigs, dogs, along with the wildlife that would come in to visit. I remember having a passion for drawing cartoon characters such as Simba from Lion King and having a particular interest in large creatures such as Whales and Dinosaurs. My artwork mainly focusses on the wide variety of birds, this is probably due to the fact that the area I live in is filled with a huge variety of birds, both local and migrants that fly in from as far away as New Guinea.DJ and Jim share a passion for saving animals and they have made that their purpose in life. Based on DJ's artwork, they created to save wildlife. An exclusive line of products featuring DJ's paintings of wild animal eyes are offered for sale with 25% of all profits donated to wildife conservation and habitat preservation organizations worldwide.
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"From a young age, I have always had a passion for animals. In college, one of my dogs passed away and I felt like I had lost a best friend. I was devastated and at this point I decided to do something outside of myself. I did not want to just buy myself a new pet in replacement of my old dog, but I wanted to help foster dogs instead. I saw the hurt and the need for help with so many unwanted and abused dogs. Since then, I have been working with Hart for the past four years. I own five of my own dogs and I always leave room for one foster dog in my home. Fostering an animal is important because I determine who is able to adopt the dog I am looking after. It requires responsible pet ownership, and if the adopter is not suitable with the dog I am fostering, I do not give the person ownership. I love dogs in general because any dog can be good. They’re all different and have unique personalities and they always hold a visual; when you’re sick they are there to help and they are always there with a loving attitude."

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Hand feeding Scrub Jays ever since she was a small child, Ms. Livingstone had an obvious passion for animals especially birds. In her later years of high school, Ms. Livingstone knew she wanted to attend a college to study wild animals, but every teacher she consulted steered her towards livestock studies and agriculture. Luckily, she knew very well that she could get to where she wanted if she worked at it. In a letter to her future self, she even predicted that 10 years after high school she would be working at the San Diego Safari Park! After discovering Moorpark College and studying to be a veterinary technician, Ms. Livingstone decided she needed to decide for herself where she belonged. In the 1980s she set out on a wild adventure- quite literally- and visited various zoos across the U.S., talking to anyone who would listen.

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Are you an animal lover? Have you always dreamed of putting your passion for animals into a career? The Pet Care Service Business is a growing trend of animal lovers who wish to help pet owners and their pet(s) receive great love and care while they are at work, on vacation or any emergency arises.