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It seems obvious that if a company wants to hire people who are both competent and motivated to do the work required, they need to start by defining the work required. Yet somehow this basic concept is lost when a new job opens up. Instead of defining the job, managers focus on defining the person. The end result is not a job description at all, but a person description. This limits the selection pool to a narrow group of people just like the people the company has hired in the past. By default, this precludes expanding the company’s diversity hiring program or raising the company’s overall talent level.

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There are two kinds of person descriptions. One is of . The other is .

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This example shows both a very simple person description, and a very detailed one, using some of the more specialized elements from the module for Names and Dates.

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The question is: is the objective third-person description of physics,and of natural science in general, what deals with the real world? Isit just a matter of time until neuroscience will describe in detailhow it is that we have this illusion of being a subject with freewill, taking a special place in space and time? Or is it the otherway around? Does our first-person human experience stand closer toreality, and is our physics stance only one possible attitude,accurate in its own demain but incomplete?If we start with what we ourselves experience, it is possible toabstract our personal involvement, and replace the `I' or `me' with athird-person actor in the stories we tell ourselves and others. Inthat sense, a first-person account contains the possibility to switchto third-person accounts as well.

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A person description is a snapshot of who you are. It describes you as a person. It covers a lot of information about you in a short paragraph or two. Some topics it might cover areThe salesperson job description outlines the typical tasks and skills for the sales job. There are many kinds of salespersons and sales jobs, however all sales functions involve some common activities and abilities. It can help you in several ways. If you use flyers as ads you can include a good bit of it on the flyer. You can use parts of it for your 3x5 cards and newspaper ads. You can use it to describe yourself when you interview people on the phone. A prepared person description lets you present a clear, organized picture of yourself.Written by Fannie Linder Psy.D., this style of Personality Type Description includes both the positive aspects of each type as well as some of the challenges each Type may face. In a sense these descriptions may reveal a bit of the darker side of each Type. Sometimes we can relate to the personal struggles and challenges better than we can the positive behavior.Written by Linda Berens Ph.D. and Dario Nardi Ph.D., two well know researchers and instructors in Type, this set of Personality Type descriptions is very unique. Each description is written in the first person perspective. Here's an excellent example, , which in seven verses goes from the first person plural ("We praise you, God,....") to a second person, direct address to God ("You say, 'I choose the appointed time;....'") to a third person description of God ("It is God who judges:...."). Note that the second-person is a quotation of God, which requires a change inside the quotation to the first person to preserve the meaning.
Where there is conflicting information about dates of birth or death, mentionthis briefly in the PersonDescriptive Note.

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Restrict entries to close and significant associations with Commonwealth bodies,that is, do not indicate references to educational, community, corporate or political and parliamentary party positions. Also, avoid references to delegations, conferences, visits and nominal memberships of committees and councils. If relevant to thepersons association with the Commonwealth, these associationsmay be mentioned in the person descriptive note. It is not desirable to register an agency for the sole purpose of documenting a relationship with a person: use an unregistered entry instead (see below).

** For a complete set of Personality Type Descriptions by Linda V. Berens and Dario Nardi please see:

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Initials can be included if the full names cannot be identified. If one or more of a person's given names was not used, indicate the name that the person was usually known by in the PersonDescriptive Note.

Writing a personal description is an exercise in self-examination and self-reflection

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The kind of PA that you want depends on your needs, your preferences, your personality and the way you live. You need to decide what minimum skills, experience and other qualities you want in your PA. A prepared PA person description can be used in two ways. You can use it to discuss the qualifications in the phone or in-person interviews. You can send it to PAs along with the job description before the in-person interview. You may be able to tell from the person's reaction to the qualifications whether or not you should offer him an in-person interview. The person may decide he is not right for the job after you give the qualifications.