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In April of 2009, a Pharmaceutical Microbiology Forum newsletter article reviewed several research projects on paper towel vs. air dryers and concluded that there is no strong, unambiguous evidence in favor of either approach. What it reported is that the washing of hands needs to be complete, and the hands completely dried (however that is accomplished). Technique and procedure again seem to be paramount in minimizing transmission.

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Horseshoe crabs are found on the east coast of the United States, so the country's LAL manufacturers are located there as well. At right is basic contact information on each LAL manufacturer and their conservation efforts. The conservation information was provided by each company and published in October 2008 in the LAL Users’ Group Newsletter (published by the LAL Users’ Group and the Pharmaceutical Microbiology Forum).

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The Pharmaceutical Microbiology Forum (PMF) was founded in 1992 by a small group of microbiologists in the pharmaceutical industry. The goal of the organization was to provide a forum for microbiologists to exchange information on microbiology issues and to interact with USP and regulatory agencies around the world.

Today, the PMFList reaches almost 2,000 microbiologists from more than 60 countries. It is lead by Scott Sutton, Ph.D. and aims to provide a voice of the working microbiologist on issues in the pharmaceutical, OTC and personal products industries.

The Newsletter Committee produces and publishes the PMF Newsletter. This publication is based on articles, questions, and answers contributed by the members and experts in the industry; it has become a valuable source of information to the pharmaceutical microbiologist.

The PMF also sponsors a public e-mail list with The Microbiology Network. This e-mail list is devoted to topics of interest to microbiologists working in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, biotechnology, and medical device industries.

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It seems like just yesterday, when the Pharmaceutical Microbiology Forum Newsletter – March 2004, Vol. 11 (1) was published. One of the hot topics at the time was Environmental Monitoring (EM) and the question of the day was:
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15 December 2014 • Scott Sutton Ph.D. - President of Pharmaceutical Microbiology Forum & Owner of The Microbiology Network & Dr. Yongqiang Zhang - Senior Scientist at BD Diagnostics

- President of Pharmaceutical Microbiology Forum & Owner of The Microbiology Network & Dr

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