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Eide has 35 years of experience from a number of senior positions in the business community in Stavanger. He has been non-executive chairman of the board of the fund HitecVision III since its inception in 2002, and joined HitecVision as a senior partner in 2007. Eide's previous work experience includes CEO positions of a number of listed and unlisted companies, including Marine Harvest ASA and one of its predecessors, Pan Fish ASA. He has held a number of non-executive board positions in companies such as Fokus Bank, Acta, Cermaq and SalMar.

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Different Positions in a Company

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CLASSROOM APPLICATION: The Wall Street Journal has been investigating the impact of activist investors. There are attempts to find out if activists that buy large positions in companies and then try to influence decision making result in outcomes that are positive or negative. The study indicated that as often as operational results improve, nearly as many other companies have no improved results from the actions of activist investors. There are ethical issues associated with those with large financial abilities who buy significant positions in companies and attempt to manipulate decision makers to do what the activist investors desire.

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1. (Introductory) In a democratic capitalist society, is there anything wrong with activists buying large positions in companies and trying to change how those companies make decisions?

2. (Advanced) Are there ethical implications for large activists to buy positions in companies and attempt to manipulate or scare top management to comply with their requests?

3. (Advanced) Is it fair to small investors for large activist investors to possibly determine decision making and performance outcomes?

and have their own adhoc way of defining positions in the company
serves as Chief Financial Officer of Cote Family Companies where she is responsible for the oversight of financial and risk management and all accounting functions. Knudsen has 25 years of experience in accounting and finance, holding top-level finance management positions in companies including Carlson Companies (including Carlson Travel), NRG Energy, Inc. and Opus Corporation. Her industry experience includes hospitality and travel, independent power generation, real estate development, property management, and manufacturing.Deciding how websites will look and work is the main job of the web designer who holds a senior position in the company. He/she is responsible for knowing all specific web designing skills like HTML, CSS, Light, adobe and others. He/she must coordinate with the manager and decide how projects will be executed.
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On the other hand, the global economy is developing rapidly nowadays. In most corporations, distinguish men from women; they only focus on working efficiently. In this world, any employees who possess enough abilities and work in an effective way, be promoted to positions. Therefore, allocating the high level positions in companies to women is not necessary. Moreover, the instances of women in essential positions . Those women are very successful in their work and their lives.

Also, hopefully good experiences will increase the number of post doc positions in companies

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We also look to make larger strategic investments in companies where we can add value as a committed partner of management, and in this capacity will make both equity and debt investments, including privately-negotiated transactions. We believe that our unique attributes as a shareholder enable management teams to focus on managing for the long-term and not the next quarter. We are comfortable amassing significant minority positions in companies and in several instances have been the largest non-institutional shareholder of a company.

Eighteen per cent of women representatives occupied other leadership positions in companies

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Zeta may acquire majority or minority positions in its target investments. Although Zeta’s initial portfolio will consist of minority positions, Zeta will also consider opportunities which will maximise its ability to contribute as a proactive investor, with a view to actively extracting value for both its own investors and investors in the underlying investee companies. This proactive approach may include taking significant or full ownership positions in companies, bringing about management change and encouraging strategies to maximise shareholder value and return.