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This item collects the highest level of early childhood education and care-related qualification attained by the worker. Only completed qualifications should be reported.

Tertiary qualification attainment

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What is your highest educational qualification attained?

In 2003, 128,400 qualifications were attained in post-basic level education. The average age at the completion of the matriculation examination was 19, and initial vocational qualifications were taken at the age of 21, polytechnic degrees at 26 and basic university degrees at 27.

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In statistics on the educational structure of the population, transition form school to further education and work and progress of studies attainers of qualifications or degrees refer to completers of matriculation examination, international matriculation examinations (IB, Reifeprüfung or Gymnasieexamen examination), and attainers of vocational qualifications, polytechnic degrees, higher polytechnic degrees or university degrees by the end of the statistical reference year. Attainers of qualifications or degrees also include attainers of qualifications or degrees in the armed services, frontier guard service or abroad. One qualification or degree per person is included in statistics: vocational qualification attained at the highest level of education/most recently attained.

Qualification attained means ur education qualification (eg:bachelor of arts,bachelor of technologies)
I need to fill up one form that company required for candidates...then they asked the insutituation name of your education and qualification attained. I can wirte down my university name and my degree..however when I write down about high school, what kind of thing should I write down as Qaulification attaines ?For full WSQ qualifications attained, please apply online for your CET Qualification Award by logging in with your SingPass at the SkillsConnect homepage . Please have your SingPass password ready when logging in.
This part covers general information related to education in the past 12 months. Questions are asked on the highest grade and qualification attained, and the expenses incurred on education in the past 12 months.
I wanna ask about the meaning ' Qualification attained ' when I write down my education history

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Please provide and/or upload the following information and/or supporting documents in your application based on your concentration studies and/or highest qualification attained. If the required documents could not be provided, please provide during or after admission interviews by requests.

In many countries, a certificate is a qualification attained in secondary education

Highest level of qualification attained: 60% being HSC or less

The qualifications attained following compulsory secondary school education provide young people with the training and pathways that are often needed to achieve career goals.

The school leaving qualification attained by students is called the ..

Rates by the Highest Qualification Attained from 2001 to 2004

Operationally, 'level of highest non-school qualification' is defined as the highest completed non-school qualification reported for a person in any field of education except General Primary and Secondary Education Programmes. Data are obtained by direct question and often sequenced to follow a direct question on 'Highest year of school completed'. The question is worded in terms of qualifications attained and when information is not collected about multiple qualifications, the result is dependent on respondent perception of 'highest'.